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REAL Part 8

Starting a life again

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Back again with the Real Part 8 !!

If you haven’t read Real part 1 until part 7, please go to the previous post and catch up or you can also click here.

Ok now let’s continue with Real Part 8….

Starting a life again

I moved back to my parents’ house.

My mother had moved all my stuff back from my old apartment to the house.

According to her, when she opened the door in my old apartment,

it smelt like smoke and there were small bugs gathering in the middle of the room.

She was too scared to stay there on that day.

But the next day she went back there to check again. The bugs were gone, but the smell was still there.


I checked my phone for the first time in 5 months.

There were so many calls and messages. Most of them were from Takeshi.

Apparently he was blaming himself for what had happened to me and did a lot of research.

They were numerous apology texts, lots of information and possible solutions on my case, and the contacts of psychics he had found.

My mother told me he had come to the house while I was gone too.


I called up Takeshi on the next day.

He was drunk and in the middle of partying when I called. (-/-)

I hung up my phone and texted him “You are dead”

At the end of the day, he didn’t have my life.


The next day, Takeshi texted me and said he wanted to see me in person to apologize.

He came over that night.

As soon as he walked through the entrance door, I punched his face twice.

(He was partying when I called, after all)

That’s what I needed to let go and make up with him.


And then we started talking. I told him everything that happened.

Takeshi told me what happened on the night of the failed exorcism with Hayashi.


Hayashi was clearly insane that night.

Takeshi and his friend were threatened by Hayashi’s attitude.


Takeshi: “We thought Hayashi would kill us if we didn’t follow his orders

Takeshi: “When the car stopped at the traffic light, I got out of the car and ran off by myself.

Takeshi: “I got creeped out by Hayashi’s behaviors in the car. He starts laughing by himself all of a sudden and then saying things like, I’m not like that.  I would never do that. like he was talking to someone else, then he starts shaking.

Takeshi: “That’s the last time anyone had seen or heard of Hayashi.

Takeshi: “I’m sorry I introduced him to you. I didn’t know he was such a fraud.




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