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REAL Part 4


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Back again with the Real Part 4 !!

If you haven’t read Real part 1 until part 3, please go to the previous post and catch up or you can also click here.

Ok now let’s continue with Real Part 4….


Then Takeshi called. I felt hope rising from inside me.


Me: “Hey!

Takeshi: “Yo. you OK?

Me: “.. No! What makes you think I might be OK?

Takeshi: “uh. Right…So you’re not OK

Me:  “Not OK is a huge understatement. You got anything?

Takeshi: “ um… I asked around but nobody knows anything. I’m sorry.

Me: “… what now????

Takeshi: “A friend of a friend deals with supernatural stuff. My friend could introduce the guy to you if you could pay him…

Me: “Huh? They charge money?”  “How much?

Takeshi: “um…around 500,000yen

Me: “500,000???


500,000yen was a lot of cash for me.

But I was desperate for this to end, and dealing with it for 3 more weeks until Sawada makes it here seemed impossible. I felt like I had no choice.


Me: “I’ll pay. When can I see him?

Takeshi: “Let me ask my friend. I’ll get back to you.


Takeshi called back again late at night.


Takeshi: “hey. So my friend confirmed that the guy could come over tomorrow

Me: “Tomorrow????

Takeshi: “You know, tomorrow’s Sunday. It’s convenient.

Me: “Ok. Can they come to my parents’ house?

Takeshi: “Yeah. Text me your address.

Me: “Are you coming too?

Takeshi: “Yeah.

Me: “What about the money? Is it OK if I pay later?

Takeshi: “I think so

Me: “OK. Call me when you’re close


That night, I had a dream.

There was a young woman in white kimono sitting next to my bed while I was asleep in my dream.

When I woke up and noticed her, she politely bowed down to me and walked away.

She bowed at me again before she exited the room.


The next day around noon, Takeshi brought 2 men over, his friend and “the psychic”.

There was nothing not shady about the psychic guy.

To be honest, he looked more like a lowlife thug in his mid-30s than anything else.

My parents were skeptical of this guy, too.

He introduced himself as “Hayashi”,


Hayashi: “So I heard what’s going on with Kota. He is in so much trouble


Sorry to mention it this late, Kota is my name.


My father: “Mr. Hayashi. What brought you here today?

Hayashi: “ Listen, these kinds of things cannot be handled by amatures. You may not believe it but your son’s life is in danger now. Kota’s friend here asked for my help so I came all the way here.

My Mother: “you said his life was in danger?

Hayashi: “Well, I experienced quite a lot of cases but this one is the worst. This room is filled with negative energy.

My father: “… I don’t want to be rude. But what’s your occupation?

Hayashi: “Umm of course! you’re curious. Me showing up here and saying things like that must make you uncomfortable.

But truthfully, If you don’t exorcise this spirit, and cleanse this area, Kota will be taken. I’m serious

My mother: “And you can help Kota?

Hayashi: “I certainly can. It takes a guy like me to deal with things like this

But Madam, these kinds of things are dangerous for me too. I need a compensation

My father: “How much do you ask?

Hayashi: “2 million yen


I looked at Takeshi in shock. He too looked shocked and ridden with guilt.


My father: “That’s a lot

Hayashi: “I came all the way here because my friend asked me to help your son. 

If you don’t want to pay it wouldn’t be my business what happens to your son. 

But isn’t his life worth more than 2 million?

And I heard Kota went to temples and shrines but no one offered to help.

You see, not everyone can handle this.


Considering all circumstances, my parents agreed to pay 2 million yen.

Hayashi said he would do the exorcism in the evening.


He left in the afternoon to get the necessary stuff for the exorcism

(My parents gave him some cash to prepare stuff)


By the evening, Hayashi had prepared the room.

He lit candles, put up talisman all over the room, placed a crystal ball and a glass of Japanese Sake(liquor) in front of where he sat on the floor. He placed a mattress and a blanket on the floor and laid me down on it. Then he told everyone else to wait outside.

It was time to start.


He held strands of beads in his hand.

Hayashi: “Kota, I’m going to start now. You’re going to be fine.

Close your eyes. Don’t open them until I’m done.


Hayashi started citing incantation.

As he recited, he would repeatedly dip his finger in the sake glass, and splashed the drips to me.

I was still skeptical of him.

But I tried to focus on laying down with my eyes closed as he had told me to.


Around 10 minutes into the session, his voice started to tremble.

His incantation was breaking up at random points.

Though I had my eyes closed, I could sense the air in the room had become unpleasant.

I noticed my neck started to hurt again.

I tried not to open my eyes.

I clenched my teeth to stand the pain.


Then Hayashi’s incantation completely stopped in the middle of nowhere.

There was a long pause.

If it’s over, he would have told me.


My neck pain was getting worse than ever.

I was feeling shivers and all the hair on my body stood up.

There was a slight weight on my body like something was sitting on my blanket.


I thought to myself, I shouldn’t open my eyes. That’s the last thing I should do.

I knew it but… with my eyes closed I could still sense things were not going in the way it was supposed to. Something went wrong.

So I looked.


Hayashi was sitting on the right side of my mattress.

On the left side, across from Hayashi, “ it “ was sitting on the floor with its legs folded and its hands placed on its laps.

It” was stretching the upper body and bending forward towards Hayashi.

It’s face was right in front of Hayashi’s face, the distance smaller than a fist.


You know how an owl tilts its head all the time. That’s what “it” was doing as if it’s observing Hayashi’s face up close.

As it stared into Hayashi’s face, it was murmuring something at him.


Hayashi looked like he was tripping.

He was facing down. His eyes were open but he wasn’t blinking.

His mouth hung open and drooling.

His face looked like he was laughing quietly.

He was nodding his head from time to time like he was agreeing to what “it” was saying to him..

My eyes were glued at the scene. I forgot to blink. I couldn’t look away.

Then suddenly it stopped tilting its head at Hayashi and looked right at me.

I froze. My heart beat faster and adrenaline started to rush.

I closed my eyes and covered myself under the blanket.

I started reciting Buddist sutra that I knew.

I could sense it looking at me through the blanket.

I could picture “it” tilting its head on the other side of the blanket against where my face was.

I heard loud footsteps running away from my room.

I knew Hayashi had escaped, abandoning me alone with this thing.

It seems like I had passed out at some point.

My parents had decided to come back inside after Hayashi fleeted, and had found me under the blanket.

According to them, Hayashi did not even look at them when he jumped out of the house.

He just went straight to the car and took off.




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