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REAL Part 3

Coming home

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Back again with the Real Part 3 !!

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Ok now let’s continue….

Coming home…

I remembered a Buddhist nun that my mother’s side of the family had known for years. Her name is Sawada.

Sawada runs the local temple in Nagasaki, the prefecture where my mother’s parents have lived in for all of their lives.


My grandmother has been a devoted buddhist since the WWII.

She goes to Sawada’s temple every week to do her Buddhism practices, and keeps a close relationship with Sawada.

Thanks to my grandmother, I’ve met Sawada several times when I was a kid.

She is a woman with a warm, kind atmosphere that makes people instantly at ease.


Little did I know at the time that she was also one of the most trained, well-respected nun in her prestigious sect of buddhism.

There are episodes of Sawada “sensing” things happening to my family halfway across Japan (My parents and I live in Tokyo) and communicating her advice to us before we even consult with her about it.

My mothers’ side of family trust Sawada’s ability 100%.


Back to my story.

I felt like Sawada might be my last hope.

I decided to go back to my parents’ house to get her contact information.

It was dark when I got off the train at their stop. I started walking to my parents’ house.

The road was quiet. I felt the cool evening breeze touching my neck

Then suddenly, I felt burning sensations on my neck.

It felt like a violent friction on my neck like someone was rubbing a solid rope against my skin fast and hard nonstop.

I touched my neck and it was shockingly hot.

It was painful and itchy at the same time.

I thought I might be having a rash or allergic reaction of some sort.


I ran the rest of my way to the house.

When I opened the entrance door, my mother was just getting off the phone with someone.

Mother: “Oh! I was just talking about you! Grandma called. Ms.Sawada wants you to come see her. She thinks something bad is happening to you. Did you do something?


And she goes, “Oh my god! What happened to your neck?!

I looked at the mirror.

There was a thick red line all around my neck.

On a closer look, it was a lot of blotchy tiny rashes forming a thick straight line like a rope.

It was disgusting. And it’s not the kind of rash you would get in your ordinary life. The shape was too unnatural. And the rash was way too much. It was like, you were super allergic to something, and you created a rope 100% out of that exact allergen, and pressed it hard around your neck for a really long time, I guess.


I knew I hadn’t done that, obviously. Besides I’ve never been allergic to anything in my life.

It was just impossible that it happened by natural causes.

My mind was instantly thinking it had to do with “the thing”.

It was more like I somehow knew it in my gut.

I went to the Buddha statue in the house and started chanting Buddhist sutra incessantly.

This was the first time I realized I was in so much deeper crap than I thought at first…


In the next few days my mother called my grandmother, and my grandmother talked to Sawada.

Sawada told us that if I couldn’t go to her, the earliest that she could visit me here would be in 3 weeks.

She has many people depending on her back in Nagasaki,

and with her old age she couldn’t make it any faster.


The next 2 days, I suffered from high fever.

I’m not sure if it was the stress, or because “it” was causing it.

As for my neck, it was sweating like crazy on the first day.

Then the second day, the sweat turned to blood. My neck was bleeding and I was in a lot of pain.

On the third day, both the fever and the bleeding seemed to have gotten better.

By then my neck was extremely itchy and painful at the same time.

Whenever something touched my neck, even a soft fabric, it would hurt.

I thought the wound was forming scabs so I tried my best to ignore it.


It was the 3rd day that I checked my neck in the mirror when I went to the bathroom.

What I saw was something I wasn’t expecting, and I still get goosebumps over the image.

3 days ago, the red line around my neck was 1cm wide with small rashes.

In the mirror, it had grown into a much thicker line of pus-filled, red, giant zits clustered so close to each other like …barnacles.  You know the tiny shell-looking creatures that stick to the surfaces of boats, rocks, turtle shells, or anything that touches sea water? That’s what it looked like. Loads of them stuck on my neck with no space in between one another.

Most of them had pus leaking on the surface.

It was so gross that I threw up at the sight.

I washed my neck with water, applied some rash cream, and went back to my bed crying.

All I could think of was “ 3 weeks is too long” and…

Why is this happening? Why me?




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