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REAL Part 1

The beginning

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This story scared me more than anything else .(Admin)


When a supernatural thing possesses you, or stalks you, the result can be no joke.

And in my experience, a couple exorcism sessions wouldn’t cut it.

These things take a long time to eat you alive slowly.

Most would stick with you all your life.


For me, it took 2 and a half years.

Don’t get me wrong, I lead a decent life now with no health issue.

The unfortunate part is that I would never know when it’s over.


This story is my warning.

The beginning

I was 23 years old. I had just graduated from college and started my first job at a small office.

At work, I got close to one of my colleagues around my age. His name was Takeshi.

He was from the Northern part of Japan. A very talkative, social guy.


You know how there are so many urban myths that go like this;

If you do A, B will happen.

Like bloody mary.


Most of these are just baseless rumors.

But there are some that are legit.


Takeshi had a strong interest in supernatural things among many other things.

According to Takeshi, there are often other “untold” conditions in the rituals and the myths would only become a reality when all of the conditions are met.


In my case, I never intended to meet those secret conditions or try these “rituals”.

Rather, it happened as the result of my terrible, the most random spur of the moment.


Back then, I was so high on life that I didn’t think twice about much things.

I got a well-paying job, my first car and my own apartment.

I went out almost every weekend. Partying, picking up girls and getting drunk was a way of life.

Whenever an interesting opportunity finds me, I would almost immediately flow with it for no other reason but the possible excitement and a little adrenaline.


That August, Takeshi and I decided to go to a haunted spot with some girls.

There were times I got the chills and felt like I sensed some presence.

But nothing really scary happened while we were there, and we headed home.


3 days later.

My office had an unspoken rule that you couldn’t go home before your boss,

which means on most days I had to stay until pretty late.


I got home exhausted. Thinking back I still don’t know why I did it.

I saw the mirror in the hallway in my apartment. And I did the “little ritual” that Takeshi had told me about before.

The one goes like

If you do XX pose(something like bowing) in front of the mirror, and then look to your right, $%# will come

It’s not like I wanted to try it.

It was just a spur of the moment. It just popped up in my head at that time and I went with it.


There is no way whatever will come” I said to myself as I looked to my right.

Then I froze.


There was something in the middle of the room to my right.

Something super unnatural.


It was about 160cm tall.

Had long, coarse looking hair down to its lower back, covering most of its face.

But even without the hair, I couldn’t see its face anyways. The face was covered in a lot of paper that looked like talisman.

It was wearing a all-white Japanese gown like the one you would put on the dead.

And it was moving its weight from left to right.


I didn’t know what to think.

I couldn’t move or speak.

My head was working at a rapid speed, trying to understand what was going on.


Neither me or that thing made any noise.

It was so quiet that it felt like the time had stopped, like neither of us were really there.

But it was there, right in front of me.

My room even had a light on at that time. I saw it clear as day.

It looked like there was a blue flame around it.


I knew what caused it to appear, though my head refused to believe it.


The next thing I thought was to leave.

I slowly reached to my bag on the floor to pick it up and I started walking backward to the entrance.

I kept my eyes on the thing the whole time.

I can’t explain why, but I had a feeling that it wasn’t safe to take my eyes off it.


Around halfway to the entrance, the little movement it was doing (moving weight left to right) started to get more drastic.

It started making a noise that sounds like howling.


Next thing I knew I was at a convenience store near the station.

I didn’t remember how I had gotten out of there or gotten to the store.

Being in public and around people made me feel safer.

I was pretty sure that I didn’t lock the door, but I was too afraid to go back there that day.

I stayed at the 24-hour eatery until the next morning.




Continue on part 2

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