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What it means to be loved by God-Part 2

4 years has passed

4 years has passed・・・

Hey guys, I’m thread #189 post #239. Does any of you remember me?

(I’m the woman who got told that I’d only have 5 years to live by a fortune teller)

I think it was the summer 2009 that I posted my story.

I’ve come to tell you that I’m still alive.

I was in a trial with a hospital regarding their mistakes during the surgery. But that trial was settled.

And one more thing, I got pregnant and gave birth to another boy 3 months ago! My first son is turning 20 next year. So they are 19 years apart.

I’m pretty old to be pregnant so this was a lucky accident.

My right shoulder is still heavy and my left hand is still numb. I have to be very careful when I hold my baby. But I’m fine.


When I told the priest about my pregnancy, he said

you got more time to live

I guess he meant that because I had one more son, so my time was reset until this son reaches the age 20.

He said “Mothers are strong. The younger her child is, the stronger the mother is. Normally, mothers are strong enough to reject these types of things, you know, spiritual influences. Even though you can’t avoid physical harms like diseases, accident or disasters.

I still have the same dream at night. But now it gets cut off in the middle with my baby’s cry. When that happens, I hear a tsking noise.


I will come back in the next year February to announce if I’m still alive.

It’d be my last update.

2 years has passed・・・

I’m not sure if anyone remembers me but I came to update that I’m still alive.

It’s been more than 5 years since I was originally told that I had 5 years to live.

I forgot to update last year in February, sorry about that. I’ve been pretty busy with my little boy. And right around February last year, I had surgery to remove my kidney stones. I was so nervous about the surgery that I had forgotten about the promise I had made about the update.

My left hand is still numb but I’m working on rehabilitation.

I still do get the dreams.

Regarding the words from the priest, that my life just got extended with my new baby, well, it turned out that it didn’t mean anything special like I had suspected. It was just a common expression to celebrate the pregnancy at late ages.


Regarding my family’s faith in Masakado, well, my family had committed a taboo.

So I don’t know if I’m still protected. But, as long as we don’t get Masakado’s curse, I guess it’s OK.


My son is turning 20 in about…18 years.

I don’t think I’d be posting anything in 18 years so I’ll make this my last update.

I’m just going to forget about it and live my life with a tough attitude.

By the way, someone commented on my story and shared a similar story.

This got my attention.

This guy said:

I have a similar circumstance as you. I’ve never been told how long I have left to live or anything like that. But I’m loved by a god too, and this gave me a special abilities. I can do things that normal humans cannot do.

The thing is, this god is the god of jealousy. When people start to love me, this god drives them away from me.

My parents abandoned me when I was little, everyone kept leaving me throughout my life. And the only friend I had, my best friend, died. 

In my case, this god loves me, it gave me special abilities, and it took away the chance of me being loved by the other humans. It doesn’t let me die. It doesn’t help me achieve things. It just keeps me alive this way. So I guess that’s the difference between yours and mine. In your case, the god loves you, and it’s waiting to take your life when your child matures.

I was also told by psychics and priests that they couldn’t handle my case. When it is god that possesses me, it is untouchable by human.

I have several abilities that this god gave me, but I also lost one eye, parts of my organs and one leg. 

I know many people wouldn’t believe me. But I also know many of you believe in supernatural things at the same time.

Well, If you believe in supernatural things, but find this story bogus, you should know that god can control your thinking too.

Does anyone know where he posted more to this story?




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