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What it means to be loved by God-Part 1

A Warning Words

You wouldn’t live long.

I asked her why. And she said

You’ve been in the big continent (China) right? I think you got possessed there. This is not even close to anything you’d call evil spirits or creatures…it is almost like a god . It can’t be exorcised. Nobody can touch this thing. It’s too dangerous.

She was right about me being in China. I’ve worked in China for a few years before.

She continued “As long as you stay in Japan, you would be protected until your son reaches the age 20.  I see a white fox behind you.

This one is strong. And also your family is devoted to Masakado.(An old Samurai who was said to have turned into a powerful haunting spirit after his tragic death and caused disasters.

The Japanese abated his haunting and anger by respecting it as God.) You should thank your grandparents. ….and your aunt? She is in a convent. She is protecting you too from afar…but with all these merits have just a few years left.


My son is already 15 years old. So according to her, I have just 5 years to live.

But how can she be so sure? I gave her a doubtful look. And she continued:

You have injured the nerves in your hand before, haven’t you?

I have. I used to be a professional jazz pianist. But a traffic accident left my left hand paralyzed. I can’t move it much, let alone play the piano.

She continued, “Your left hand was taken by the thing at that time. But your life…your life was spared thanks to those protecting you. But it is saying, next time, it will take everything. I am sorry for saying so many unpleasant things..

She had an excellent reputation for her readings, and her charge wasn’t cheap.

But that day, despite the long hours that I spent talking with her, she didn’t charge me any money.

When I tried to pay, she refused and said

Spend it on the things you like, to make you happy.

I have 5 years to live?

I don’t really know how to believe it. I guess I don’t believe it.

After I got home, I shared this story to my family.

I said to my husband and son, “I don’t really believe this but if I die, I’d be really worried about you guys.

They both said to me, “If we lose you, that’s for us to deal with. You don’t have to worry about anything. You focus on living the rest of your life the way you want.


As of now, I don’t have any health issues except my left hand.

But people can die for many reasons. You’d never know.

After this happened, I went to a famous shrine for an exorcism.

But just like the fortune teller said, the priest said to me

Priest: “I’m sorry. We don’t exorcise God. We don’t want to risk our lives.

Me:  “ God? What God?

Priest: “It’s a….God from hell. It has your left hand. …Looks like it’s not a Japanese God

There is nothing we can do for you. I’m sorry

Me:   “I’m not sure I believe in those things. How do I believe what I can’t see?

Priest: “That’s actually a good approach. Sometimes believing in paranormal things too much gives it more power over you. In a way you could remain strong by not believing in it.

Me:   “But…why me?

Priest: “It’s the same way how human pick another human. By type. You were its type. You ever heard that when you are loved by God, you would die young? It’s an old saying

Me:   “Yes.. but I’m not that young.

Priest: “You are still very young, considering your full life span you were originally given, and would have lived without it.

Now I’ve been praying at the Masakado shrine near my parents’ house everyday.

But I’ve noticed that my right shoulder has been feeling heavy these days.

And I started having dreams when I sleep, which is something I rarely did before.

It’s the same dream every time.

I’m inside some unfamiliar mansion, and playing the piano.

It feels good to be able to move my left hand again, and I’m thinking I want to stay here forever.

Then someone put a hand on my right shoulder, and say “You can stay here forever”

And then I wake up.

It makes me wonder if I would not wake up one day, just like that…

In my last post, many of you asked if this was a real story. I’m afraid it is.

I would like to say I don’t believe it at all, but different people are telling me the same thing so I’m honestly scared.

Whether I believe it or not, it’s hard to swallow it when someone says “You’ll die soon”

Anyways… my only wish now is to die without causing too much trouble to others.

I don’t want to be in the grave after I die, so I’ve asked my family to scatter my ashes somewhere.

In my will, I’ve also written that I want to donate my organs. But my family is strongly against it so I don’t think it will happen.

Besides, I still don’t understand why God wanted me. Wouldn’t it be much better if it was, like, a world-famous pianist, or someone much more talented? Or its type was someone less talented?

That’s what bothers me. I don’t think I have an eye-catching appearance either. What was special about me?

If I’m still alive after 5 years, I’m so going to complain to the fortune teller and the priest.

You guys I appreciate your concerns.


I shared it here with the hope that maybe some of you could give me new solutions, or some of you could convince me that this is a total bullshit in some way, since I’m not sure what’s my take on this.


About donating organs, thanks for your advice. Yeah I agree it won’t be a good idea if the haunting goes to the recipients too.

It would be such a waste though since I’m pretty confident that my organs are very healthy.


I forgot to mention that some other fortune tellers told me “Sorry but go home. I don’t want to read you.” as soon as they saw my face. So.. more reasons to believe this might be real.

About my family, yes, everything that fortune teller said about my family was correct.

When I had my accident that injured my left hand, the amida statue at my family’s house got split in half.

It’s like a tag war between the two sides, one side tries to take me and the other side tries to prevent it.

Half of me wish to die in peace in my dreams, the other half is determined to be alive after 5 years

If I’m still alive after 5 years, I will come back to this forum and let you guys know.




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