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The house at the end of the village-Part 1

The accusation

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This is the story I heard from my grandfather when he was young and live in his parents house. (I will call him J)

In the village where J spent the childhood, there was an old woman named Ume.

She lived with her son and his wife.

When her son built a new house in another village, Ume decided not to move with them.

It was said that Ume refused to leave the village where she had grown up and lived all her life in, but some villagers believed it was just a front story that the son came up with. They would whisper

They left her here because she was a burden


It was around the time her son moved out that Ume started to act crazy.

One time, she was having a conversation with a villager like everything is normal. The next moment, she jumped to the person and bit the skin off from his arm.

Several incidents like this happened and the villagers started to say “She must be eating human meat..


J was just a kid at that time. He asked the adults in the village “Why don’t you call the police?

The adults would answer him

Having a crazy person in a village is a shame

They would do anything to hide Ume from the outside of the village.


Ume’s appearance kept looking worse by the day. She would walk around the town on bare foot, with messy hair and the odor that showed she never bathe anymore.

The villagers started carrying falx with themselves. And whenever they saw Ume, they would swing it around her and say “I will cut you if you come close to me


One day, Ume attacked a few kids playing near her. One of the kids lost his pinky finger. His parents went into angry rage. They went to Ume’s house and hit her repeatedly with a broomstick.

Nobody stopped them. The father said to the villagers after the attack, “That witch! She was chewing on my child’s finger like a snack!”.

Finally Ume was locked up in a tiny shed at the far end of the village.

The villagers locked all doors from the outside then wrapped the entire shed with metal cables and ropes multiple times.

It had no toilet inside. And she would get one meal a day, thrown into the shed from a tiny window.

The adults said “If she died, we would burn her with the shed

The kids were banned from going to the shed.

But one day, J followed his parents bringing food to Ume.

When J approached to the shed, he could smell a strong stench.

There was a chewing noise coming out of the shed. His parents said, “Damn it, she’s eating her shit again”.

They threw in a bag with rice balls from a tiny window.

Let’s go

They quickly turned back and started walking away from the shed.

J heard the Ume’s crying from the shed, he could hear her saying

You are not human…why are you so cruel…

A few days later,

a friend told J “Do you know, the witch has been eating her own body?”.

Apparently, this friend overheard his parents talking. According to them, Ume ate her own left arm and right leg. That day, J and this friend went to the shed. They heard the painful moaning from inside the shed. They got scared and ran away.

A few days later,

J heard his parents talking to neighbors

She’s obsessed with the taste of human flesh. She doesn’t even look like human now. She is a monster

But when J asked his parents about Ume, his parents would only tell him “It’s not a kid’s business”

One night, the adults gathered at J’s house and they were having some serious conversation.

J’s friend came with his parents. He told J  “They are talking about the witch”. They left J’s room and sneaked around the room where the adults were talking. They try to hear them through the door. They could only catch that the adults were repeatedly saying “It’s enough now


The next morning,

J’s father told J. “You can’t leave the house today” .

J said “Why? What’s going on?”.

His father simply explained “We are having a ceremony to respect God.  It cannot be seen by kids

J had no choice but to stay at home that day. He was sitting by the window in his room at the second floor. He noticed the smoke coming out from the area where the shed was.

Father!!! The witch’s shed is burning!!! Help her!!!

His father looked at him sternly and yelled at him “They are burning the farm! You don’t get into other people’s business! Go study!!

The next day when the kids were finally allowed to leave the house, J sneaked from the house and went to check the shed.

The place where the shed used to be at was empty.

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