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The Sleep Over

When you friend says she’s thirsty..

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Sachiko and Ayane were best friends from college.

That day, Sachiko was sleeping over at Ayane’s apartment.

They lied next to each other in Ayane’s bed and talked until late night.

Around midnight, Ayane got sleepy and asked Sachiko to turn off the light and go to sleep.

Sachiko refused.

Then Sachiko asked Ayane to go get some beverages outside with her.

Ayane was reluctant and told Sachiko to find something in the fridge.

Sachiko insisted they go to the vending machine outside.

Ayane: “Why don’t you just get some water in the fridge ?  We are going to sleep and you’re gonna have to brush your teeth again if you drink something else

Sachiko: “it’s fine. I really need something sweet.  Right now.

Ayane : “Why?

Sachiko: “I just really want to drink it right now. I can’t sleep if I don’t. Please come with me. There’s a vending machine right outside this apartment. It’s just 3 mins

Ayane: “You can’t go alone ?

Sachiko: “No it’s dark and I’m scared. Please!!

Ayane finally gave in and they left for the vending machine.

As soon as they walked out of Ayane’s apartment, Sachiko grabbed Ayane’s hand and started running in the opposite direction from the vending machine.

Ayane: “Where are you going !?

Sachiko : “Just follow me !

Sachiko didn’t slow down until they got far from Ayane’s apartment.

Ayane: “Hey! I’m in my pajamas! Why are you running?

Sachiko looked pale. Her hand was cold even though it was mid summer. Both of them were out of breath and sweaty from running.

Sachiko said

When we were on bed and tried to sleep … I turned over and saw the standing mirror across the room, there was a man with a knife under the bed..

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