The light

Do you sleep with the lights on?

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6 college students were having a party at one of their apartment room.


2 of them decided to leave early.

The rest of them decided to stay and keep drinking.


The two were walking home for a while when one realized he’d left his phone at the party.


They walked back to the room and opened the door.

Strangely, the apartment was dark. All the lights were off.


It was merely half an hour since they had left, and their friends had told them they’d continue drinking.


When they entered the living room area where they were drinking, they noticed their friends shadows in dark, laying around on the sofa and the floor.

They figured their friends decided to go to sleep.


They could have opened the light in the room but decided not to since the missing phone was found easily. It must have received a text or some notification. It was blinking in the dark.

They quickly picked up the phone and left quietly not to wake up their friends.


The next day, they got a phone call from the police.

Their friends were found murdered in the room.

They rushed to the room, and found the scene full of blood and their friends’ bodies laying on the sofa and the floor, in the same positions they had seen them in dark the night before.


Then the police pointed at the wall and asked them “Do you have any idea what this writing could mean?”


The wall had a writing with their friends’ blood,


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