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Kotoribako-Part 7

The villagers’ agreement

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Back to the final chapter of the Famous Dark Stories from Japan Kotoribako

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(M) Continued

The Buraku people came over to my shrine with the boxes, 5 representatives to be exact.My ancestor found the boxes too powerful to be purified at the time.

The curse had to be weakened first. He suggest the method that Mr. J explained to us earlier.

They made rules

  • Never bring the box before the required weakening-period is up.
  • Shrine must take a neutral position. Shrine will not actively involve in the management of the boxes. Shrine will not contact the Buraku regarding the box.
  • The Buraku must inform the shrine each time the ownership changes

(When the most recent owner dies)

  • The weakening period for each box is estimated by the shrine based on the number of the box. For example, 140 years for Chippou. (However how they calculate the year is unknown. I personally think XXX might have left an instruction at the shrine for all of this)
  • Except reporting to the shrine, the Buraku members are not allowed to communicate with anyone outside their own group about the box. Any little detail about the box assigned to them must be kept within their own group.

The rules and the management system are designed to make sure that no one inside the group gets away from the duty until the disposal is complete.  The confidentiality of the box assignment was strictly kept to prevent the sense of inequality rising among different groups bearing different years.

After this system is established, the Buraku was divided into multiple groups.

Just like S’s family, Mr. J’s family and T’s family used to form one group.

One person was chosen from the Buraku to deliver the boxes to each group.

This is the person who would decide the box assignment randomly as he delivered. 

After he assigned and delivered the box to individual groups, he came back to the shrine and informed the priest which group was assigned to which box. 

My ancestor took notes.

Then, the person was immediately killed.

They had to let someone do the box assignment…. Which would have to be inevitably unfair to everyone because each box’es expiry date were different by decades, if not 100 years. Imagine knowing you are stuck with a Chippou for 140 years, while you know others might be responsible for less than half of it.

But with the assigner dead… they had no one to blame. The potential uproar by those assigned to higher-numbers has nowhere to go.

They could not risk having a person with all the assignment knowledge among the Buraku, either.”

This man had to be killed right away. 

To avoid conflict among different groups, discussing the box between different groups became strongly prohibited, too.

You might wonder why they didn’t look after the boxes altogether like before.

This is my grandfathers’ assumption. They tried to bind people with heavier sense of responsibilities by sharing it between a smaller unit. The responsibility to one box over 3-4 families would weigh heavily on one’s shoulder than the responsibility of all boxes shared by the whole Buraku village.

So, when the time on the box was up, they would bring it in and my ancestor would cleanse it.

Unfortunately for my grandfather, most of the boxes came in when he was in charge.  “

Except Chippou. The weakening-time on Chippou is a lot longer than the others so they would expire during my term. I just thought I had more time to prepare myself though.

(M) “This is everything I know about the box.

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This is the end of my story. This is all I heard last night. It’s still hard to believe though. Even though I was there and I saw the box, but it still sounds like a cheap novel to me to be honest.

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Like i said earlier, I was on the fence about posting this story.

I wasn’t sure if it was really OK to share to the public.

This topic is obviously a taboo. Especially for the people in Buraku, it must be something they would want to keep to themselves.

There are 2 boxes left, 2 Chippous, which M assured that he would take care of in time.

The thing is, I still have a lot of questions about this box.

Too many things are still unclear. And I feel like I could use your help.

This is the main reason I decided to post this story.

So I said in the first post that I had a request for you.

My request is  after reading my story, and if any of you know anything related to the box, could you share it to me?

Though I can’t give you the exact address, and I can’t reveal the names of the people involved,

But I just personally want to find more…

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-Who is XXX?

-Where did he come from?

-How did he know about the box?

-What brought him to Oki island?

-Where did he take the first box Hakkai?

-What did he do with Hakkai?

-What happened to XXX afterwards?

I learned in school that Oki island used to be a prison for those who committed political crimes in Kyoto.

I’m wondering if this box originated in Kyoto?

I’m hoping this would also help me find out more about my roots too.

When my parents were alive, I was told that my fathers’ side came from Oki.

But that’s all I know.

I don’t know if I have any relationship with XXX in the story.( We share the same family name)

I don’t think my younger sister knows anything, or my grandmother on my mom’s side.

This is why I need your help.

I know some of you know history more than I do.

Each of you live in a different area of Japan and have access to the local information that I don’t have.

Have you noticed the word Hakkai in your local history book? Local myth?

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The way the boxes are called interest me too.

This is just what I feel though but

Ippou & Nihou, The sound “hou” sounds like “sealing” to me.

Where as Hakkai…”Kai” means “Open” in Japanese.

I know I might be asking too much, asking you guys to give me info when I cant even reveal our names,  especially my surname XXX and my locations,

But if you know anything. Please let me know.

I’m going to try and dig some local database in the library.

I will update you guys again when I know something.


What do you think?

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