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Kotoribako-Part 6

The effect of the box

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Now, let’s talk about the effect of the box. 

The box brings slow, excruciatingly painful deaths to young women and children who stay around the box. They don’t even have to touch it to be effective while the box is fresh and effective enough. In some mysterious ways, the box makes all of the victim’s internal organs get slowly torn into thousand pieces.

XXX demonstrated the box’s effects on the 2 sacrifices.

Witnessing the undoubtedly strong power of the box, the Buraku people decided to continue making more box

The first box they made for themselves was a Chippou(7 children). It is the one that S had brought.

In less than 2 weeks, 15 children and 1 woman were murdered for the box.

Unbelievable. Right?

The Buraku people brought their first Chippou to the head of  △▼ village, the village that own this Buraku. They called it a greeting gift from the Buraku village, something that shows the loyalty and respect to the ruler.

The aftermath in the headman’s house was a gruesome nightmare.

All the female and children in his house died in agony, thrashing on the floor, throwing up blood and their torn-up gut pieces.  Each one was a slow, terrible death after a long battle with excruciating pain

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(M)Soon after this incident, the Buraku people reached out to the community board members of the  △▼ village as well as most of the other villages around the area. The Buraku people sent in their statement with their requests as a peace offering.

(Requests from Buraku)
  • All related parties must agree to stop intervening with the Buraku from now.
  • There is no way to make up for what was done to Buraku, nor would there be any forgiveness offered by the Buraku for it in the future. But the Buraku agrees to not seek any revenge if, and only if it is peacefully left alone.
  • If they agree to keep this promise, Buraku members will agree to stay away from the △▼ village in the future. The ones who currently work in △▼ village would immediately retreat to Buraku and would not return to △▼ again.
  • If anybody engage in a retaliation towards Buraku for what happened at the headman’s house, the Buraku would then proceed to spread the curse again.
  • The box at the headman’s house must be returned to Buraku immediately
  • The reason of leaving Buraku alone shall not be revealed to a third party.
  • Buraku will continue to make this box from now. 7 boxes are completed so far.

(M)For the illiterate, under-educated Buraku people to come up with all these tactics against their rulers is hard to believe. It leads me to think this must have been a scheme XXX had pre-meditated for the Buraku. 

I hope the number of completed boxes was a bogus though..

(M)All of Buraku’s requests were soon met by all the receiving ends. 

The words must have spread in the area quickly.

From that point forward, there was no attempted interactions to the Buraku by the surrounding area. 

They were finally free.”

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(M)But the story didn’t end there

Even after winning the freedom, Buraku people continued to make the box

XXX was long gone to the next destination by then. But he had left them a note on how to take care of the box

The instruction said:
  • Keep the box away from female and children
  • The box must be kept still in a dark, damp environment.
  •  The curse power of the box will gradually weaken by year
  • If the box is no longer necessary or if it ever gets out of hand, take it to the shrines that enshrines $%&(a specific God’s name, censored).

Do NOT bring it to temples. The box must be handled in the shrine dedicated to $%&(a specific God’s name, censored) only.

(M) “The Buraku people continued to make the box for another 13 years.

But since the first Chippou that they made and sent to the △▼ village, 

 they no longer killed the kids just for the box.

They only made the box when they had no choice but to kill a child for other reasons.

They stocked up on empty wooden boxes and every time a child-killing took place, the parts of the remains would be stored in the box.

When the adult had to kill children, they would repeatedly tell the children “Hold grudges to △▼. Resent  △▼. Curse △▼. They are the reasons that I had to kill you.” as they took their lives.

It was their way of distracting them from the pain and guilt of having to kill their own children.

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(M)  “ On the 13th year of making boxes, a tragic accident happened.

At the time, all boxes were kept in one place with a watchman.

One day, an 11 year old boy sneaked in and took one of the boxes out.

To make matters worse, the box he randomly picked out of all boxes was a freshly-made Chippou(7 sacrifices).

You know the box looks like a rubix cube.

Kids tend to be attracted to things like that.

The boy brought his new toy home.

Within the same day, every child and woman in his house died, just like the △▼ headman’s house, including the boy himself.

The Buraku people learnt a hard lesson. 

This “weapon” that saved them, could easily turn back to kill them by one mistake.

And the result is unavoidable, unwanted deaths.

Once it’s out, there is nothing they can do to stop it.

That’s when they realized just how terrifying the power of these boxes are.

This was a wake-up call to all of them.

They decided to get rid of the boxes.




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