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Kotoribako-Part 5

More truth from M…

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M’s story continued..

At the time, the Buraku people around here suffered an extremely violent abuse and discrimination.

Their living situation was so bad that they had no choice but killing their own children sometimes…

This Buraku was owned by a village called “△▼”(censored).

The persecution at the hands of △▼ people was the worst of its kind”

The Buraku people were basically slaves of △▼in every way. Aside from the emotional/physical bullying and discrimination, they were forced to work hard jobs for  △▼ with extremely low pay.

The amount of work they were forced to do, there was never enough man-power to handle in the Buraku. 

The wage that they got was next to nothing…

People used to think “More people in the family means more potential bread-winners and man-power” .

So in the hope of bettering their lives, desperate Buraku people would make more children…

Only to have to kill them in the end…when the abusive social dynamic and the system (which was designed to be so unfair to the Buraku people) wouldn’t make it possible for their lives to ever. get. better. No matter how hard they worked.

They never had a fair shot as long as they were the slave to the people, the underdog role the society had assigned to them.

Sadly, a lot of kids ended up being one more mouth that they couldn’t feed…

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In the late 1860s, there was a political revolt at the Oki island.

The revolt lasted for a year. When it was finally subdued, one of the key members behind the revolt escaped from the authority all the way to this Buraku

I’m sure you learnt in school what caused this revolt, right? Like, Oki was a very wealthy land.

Anyways.. So this guy who escaped to the Buraku, his name was XXX


XXX is my family name. What the hell.


(M continues)

XXX escaped from captivity, ran for his life and found this Buraku.

But soon he learnt that the Buraku people were not willing to let him stay

They were so afraid of the on-going abuse

They worried that accepting him would only get them in more trouble with △▼  , a worse persecution.

XXX saw the direction of his life looked like he was going to get killed. So he made an offer

He offered them a weapon in exchange of them saving his life

That weapon was Kotoribako

XXX explained to the Buraku members what it was. They agreed to his offer.

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(M said)

XXX told the villagers that they could change their mind at any time about making this box, even after he’d shared the whole process to them. If they thought it was not something they would want to do.. then they were free to go back against their agreement and kill him instead.

XXX’s offer came with some conditions. 

The first condition was that the villagers must give XXX their first box.

If you can’t accept my condition, you might as well kill me now

XXX would tell them,

I have an important mission that I must carry out. It’s more important than my life…

The Buraku people agreed to give XXX their first box.

 And XXX began teaching them how to make it

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~How to make the box~

***The actual process is longer with more details, but I excluded some steps and details for a safety purpose.


The first step is making a wooden box. As you saw the box looks like a rubix cube. It’s made into a very complex design to prevent it from getting opened easily. This step is said to be the most difficult one.

Then, you fill up the box with the blood of a female beast and let it sit for a week

Before the blood dries out, you seal it with a lid

Then the box is done

The second step is putting things inside the box. This is where the name Kotoribako came from( Kotoribako =Child-stealing box)”

As you can imagine, you have to place some parts of a murdered child

For a new-born, you need its umbilical cord, the tip of its index finger until the first joint, and the blood squeezed out from its gut.

For a kid under the age of 7, you need everything I mentioned above except the umbilical cord.

For a kid between the age of 8-10, you only need the tip of index finger.

Once you place them in the box, you seal the box again with a lid

The number of the sacrifice differs from box to box.

The higher the number goes on the box, the stronger the curse gets. And the fresher the box is, the stronger the power.

Each box gets a different name after the number of children used in the box and their ages

Box made of one child is called Ippou

Two is Nihou.

Three is Sanpou,

Four is Shippou

Five is Gohou.

Six is Roppou

And Seven is called Chippou.

When sealing the box, each box must have a symbol to indicate what type of box it is. Like Ippou box has △ symbol on the lid. Nihou has ■. And so on.”

XXX told the Buraku people that boxes above 7 sacrifice is strongly forbidden under any circumstances

However, he made an exception for himself.

Adding to the condition he made earlier(that the first box the Buraku people make must be given to him), he demanded the box to have Eight sacrifices under the age of seven and said that it would be the one and only time that the Buraku people would be allowed to make the box with 8 sacrifices (Hakkai)

He then added that he needs “a pair of a woman and a child” in addition.

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You must be thinking, WHO ON EARTH would accept such conditions or have the stomach to go through with something like that?

How would they even know this stranger was trustworthy and the box was legit?

Regardless of how hard their lives might have been…these people weren’t heartless demons. They were parents. 

The pain of killing your own children, and then having to treat their bodies in such ways is just unimaginable.

But the truth was, the ancestor of the Buraku decided to do it.

There is no way of knowing their motives or what they might have been feeling back then

I can only imagine the discrimination and persecution toward them must have been that atrocious and brutal that the helpless Buraku people saw this as their only way out from hell.

The Buraku people had to choose which children to kill..

The painful discussion went on and on for days…till one day, the decision was made.

The first box, Hakkai, was made.

XXX then gathered the Buraku people in one place and called for the additional  woman and a child he had asked for.  

It was time to show how the box works.

The name of the woman and the child XXX used for demonstration were … and ….

The 8 children used for the Hakkai were ——–

All these names sound familiar to us, am I right?

(They were all familiar names in our area.  But I want to refrain from showing their names)




Continued to Part 6

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