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Kotoribako-Part 4

J starts to talk about the truth..

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(M continued)

Now, Mr. J, S’s father here seems to know nothing about the box


According to the record, the box had to be handed from T’s house (another neighbor of S and J), to S’s house, and then to your house all within 1 year.


S’s grandfather passed away shortly after taking over the box from Mr. T. 

I’d assume that S’s grandfather had died before passing the box’s information to S’s father


I mean.. That was not the problem. I guess. Considering the remaining years on the box, it’s unlikely that S’s father would have had to take care of the box himself anyways. The time was likely going to end in either Mr. J, your turn or Mr. T’s.


Still, the box was found in S’s house. I thought there must have been some kind of mistake. I thought that maybe not only S’s father but YOU also didn’t know about the box’s existence, Mr. J.


Until I heard how you reacted when their shed was getting demolished.


You KNEW about the box”   “But you walked away from your responsibility


You kept quiet about the box, knowing it’s your turn to take it over from them. You intentionally let it be kept in S’s house, at the hand of S’s family, the people who knew nothing about what they were dealing with, or that they even had it in their house.


This is unbelievable.


To tell the truth, I didn’t want to come this far with this case. I just wanted it to be over and dealt with. I’ve never been too keen on my priest job. I had never looked at the ledger that carefully before. And without what happened with S, I never would have.


That thing that I dealt with that day, was a madness, a horror. It scared me shitless. But I did it. It ‘s done. Nobody was harmed. All good. And if this case had happened by some misunderstanding or mistake by one of you, I just wanted to leave it at that.  I didn’t want to dig deeper. But you made it impossible.



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M continued:

(M)My father and I, we are angry at you, Mr. J.  But as much as we feel angry, I also understand your circumstances and why you did what you did. I would hate to be in your position too.

I would want to run away too

Hell, I was so close to running away that day.  Within that mere minutes it was brought to me, facing that thing, I vomit, all the hair on my body stood up, my blood ran cold, my heart rushing, my whole instinct was screaming, and all I could think of was RUN.NOW!

Just one glance at the box was enough to make me run and never come back.

This was my reaction over A FEW MINUTES that I was in the presence of the box. Mr. J.

But for you, you had to stay with something like this, for .. tens of years, till death.

All because of what’s done by the hand of your ancestor that you’ve never met.

Words can’t describe how cruel and unfair this is for you.

But. I must say S got extremely lucky this time. We all did

S happened to not have touched the box too much.

S happened to have met me that day, immediately after touching the box

This could have ended up much, much worse. S or others could have been dead.

I must know exactly what happened here. I must know if these things are happening to other boxes too

You might be thinking it’s not a good idea to talk in front of some outsiders here

This woman right here. Her name is K. She can have babies. And she happened to be there that day. She is a victim, not an outsider.

This guy (M pointing at me), his family name is XXX.  It is not a common name around here. If you know what I mean?

Upon hearing my family name, J looked at me and said

Oh… I get it.

(Sorry this story is SO long. But I’m only half way lol)

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That’s when J finally started talking

(His dialect was so strong S’s parents had to interpret for us)

(J said)

I guess I should start off by explaining about the box, the one we had

This one is called Chippou

(>I spelt it Shippou earlier. That’s what it sounded like before. But apparently the correct name is Chippou.)

This box was assigned to 3 families. Mine, the T’s and the S family here. Generations after generations, the 3 families took turns of ownership and made sure it’s being taken care of properly.

The ownership rotates among the 3 families upon the death of the male master of the house. The rule is that the man in charge of the box must hold it until he dies. When the man dies, after the funeral, the box gets passed on to the next house in que, to the man of that house.  And He would keep it in a safe place inside his house until his death too.

Due to this rule, the man who takes the box must tell his son/next headman in line about the box, so that the person is able to pass it to the next house in charge when the time comes.

The purpose of this is to reduce the power of the curse in the box until the box is able to be purified and disposed at the shrine, while making sure the box do not harm anyone in the process of waiting.

There are several boxes in this town. And each box is handled in the same way. The number of families assigned to each group could be 3 or 4. It’s all kept secret from one another so I don’t know for sure.

There are other rules

We are not allowed to talk about the boxes with other groups. We are only allowed to talk within our own group. We are not allowed to know which group has what kind of box, or how many years are left on it. Everything must be kept secret from each other

The master of the house MUST keep the female and kids away from the box

The other members of the group who’s not in charge of the box at the moment, must keep close servarance on the one in charge.

Talisman on the box must be replaced with new one at an appropriate timing. The Talisman is  issued by M’s shrine

Each box has specific years on it. The year was decided by M’s shrine. We made an agreement with the shrine that we would be responsible to keep the box until the box is ready for purification. After the time is completed, the box can be brought into the shrine and be purified by priest.

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J continues

(J) I was supposed to take over the box when S’s grandfather passed away

But… I was too afraid. I couldn’t take it

I’m so sorry. I don’t think you can forgive me but…

The previous owner from T’s house, and S’s grandfather, they both died shortly after it was their turn to own the box

I knew that the box wouldn’t harm men.  But still I was scared to death.

Since the moment S’s grandfather passed away, I was shaking in fear of expecting S’s father bringing the box over to me.

But days passed after the funeral, he did not come.

That’s when I discussed the situation with T, the son of the previous box owner  before S’s grandfather

T assumed that S’s father didn’t know about the box. We saw it as a chance to escape from this horrifying box that binds us to the awful, forced duty for generations..

I asked S’s father if he knew of any special box in his house.  Our guess was right, he had no clue about the box

We decided to leave the box in S’s house. But I kept a close watch on the shed where the box was being kept

T’s family moved away to another town after changing the talisman on the box. That way, we figured we might be able to make the impression to the other groups that our box’s term just got done…hopefully.

I was going to keep my watch until the time on the box is completed. Then I was going to take it to the shrine by myself.

And… you might be thinking what if the box killed S, or her mother before then by any chance…

I’m so sorry.  S’s family was ignorant about the box so… I thought I could get away

This is all that T and I planned. About the other groups handling other boxes, I don’t know anything.

With painful look in his face, J repeatedly apologized to S’s family, with his knees and forehead on the floor.(Japanese way of showing the utmost regret and apology)

S’s father reminisced how his father used to tell everybody to stay away from the shed when he was still alive. Luckily, the shed was very creepy in itself, so no one in the family would go near it anyways.

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After S’s grandfathers’ passing, the family decided to get rid of the creepy shed
which unfortunately led to the discovery of the cursed box.
S’s family did not say a word, not knowing how to handle this shocking truth.
(Except her grandmother who was seemingly appreciative of the enlightenment this news brought to the mystery of her husband and the shed she wasn’t allowed in.)

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This was J’s story. M continued on

(M)OK. So that’s what happened..

Mr. J, you might have successfully avoided having the box in your possession. But you still had to keep an eye on the box and make sure it was safe.

In a way, you couldn’t escape from the box and your suffering continued.

How many years were left on this box? 19 years?

I see. So it would have ended up in my hands to deal with when the time was up, anyways.

(M speaks to the S’s family)

You guys.  I know you are lost right now. You might feel like you got thrown into some dark fantasy movie all of a sudden. This is hard to believe.

But as ridiculously unrealistic as it may sound, this is reality

And I hope you can forgive Mr. J

For those who know what this box is.. It’s something you just can’t help wanting to run away from

The box itself is already purified. So you don’t have to stress about the box anymore

Now you are safe. You can even brush off this whole thing thinking, you just saw a dark weird movie, if it’s too stressful.

But please forgive Mr. J

J seemed completely devastated and regretful, shoulders dropped, head hanging low, looking at his feet. I felt pity for him.

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M then switched the subject.


Since you’ve already been involved this far, you might as well know the whole thing

Do you want to know where this box came from, and how it’s made?

I don’t know everything about it either. But I’m going to tell you what I know.

With the real box out of the picture, knowing these things should not cause you any problems.

I want to talk about it for myself too. I feel like talking about it sort of helps me face the reality and the fact that I still have some of these left to deal with.

Also, S’s father should have known this a long time ago. I know A is plain curious and won’t shut up about it.. So here is the deal

“There are two more boxes left now. With the time left on each box, I will be the one to purify both of them.”

Kotoribako, as we call them, were made between the late 1860s and the early 1880s by the Buraku people around here.

The box contains some part of the remains of the children killed in the village




Continued to Part 5

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