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Kotoribako-Part 3

The unfolded truth

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GUYS, here is an update from yesterday’s discussion!

Let me warn you it’s sickeningly long.

After everything unfolded, we were on the fence about posting about it.

The subject matter turned out to be very dark and involving sensitive issues.

But in the end, each of us agreed to post the whole thing, each for different reasons.

There’s a request for you at the end of my update so please stick around till the end.

As I’m writing this update, I’m still in a deep shock from what I heard.

Our meeting ended up going on for 5 long hours.

So many things were said, but I am going to try to pick up the key parts and make it brief .

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So the original plan was to meet S, M, and K in my house.

But S thought better and wanted to involve her family and J in the discussion too.

So we ended up meeting in S’s house instead, with her family and J.

The attendees were:

M, S, K, A(me)

S’s father, S’s mother, S’s grandmother,

(S’s brother was not at home at that time)

And J, the neighbor

  1. J and S’s grandmother spoke in a heavy local dialect that almost sounds like a foreign language.  I changed it back to standard Japanese for your understanding.
  2.  In the description below, the word “Buraku” is replaced with the original word used in the actual conversation, due to the insultive nature of the words used to describe the people by the attending parties.

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S began talking about what happened when the contractor came over.

This was 2 days after S had brought the box to my house, May 23rd to be precise.

The contractor was about to start working on the shed.

J walked over from his house next door, and started protesting against the demolishing.

Hearing J argue with S’s father outside the house, S had an idea.

He might know something about the box.

So she went outside to find J.

At this point, S had not told her family yet about what happened to her 2 days ago.

J yelling outside the house “You can’t take the shed down!

S walked up to him and asked

(S)Is this about the box?

Is that why you don’t want us to demolish the shed?

What is that box?

J’s looked startled. His face – pure horrified.

J asked S in a panic.

(J)You found the box?

What happened to the box?

And you are OK????

S told J what happened 2 days ago.

J’s face turned blue. He started apologizing profusely and repeatedly.

He repeatedly said something like:

(J)I let this happen.

This is all my fault”.

I should have asked

I should have had the conversation…

S and S’s father were puzzled.

Before leaving, J said to S

There’s something I have to tell you and your family. I will come talk to you soon

However, J never made the effort to come to talk.

Meanwhile, S told her family what happened, and planned to settle this whole thing today with J, M, K, A and her family together at one place. S’s father convinced J earlier to join the discussion.

S’s father insist J start talking about what he’s been meaning to tell his family.

But J was very hesitant about it.

I assumed the presence of outsiders (K and I) made him unsure about sharing the dark secrets he was about to unfold.

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That’s when M took the turn.

(M)  “Can I start then?

(M)Mr. J… the box was supposed to have been kept in your house this whole time, isn’t it?

I mean we all know that around this time, nobody believes in black-magic or curse.  Most would call such things bullshit

But THIS BOX… is a whole different story.

My grandfather and my father talked about these things. They warned me many times

I’ve seen them deal with several of this stuff with my own eyes

They never joked when they talked about these boxes. They were dead serious.

These boxes. People died because of it. Though it may have happened as an accident. And you know that, don’t you, Mr. J?

My family keep a ledger to make sure these boxes are managed safely. It has been our responsibility.

Since I’ve been involved in this, I asked my father to let me take a look at our ledger last night.  I kept having this feeling that something was off since S had brought the box from the shed.

And that feeling was confirmed when I saw our record. It says that Mr. J, you are the one in charge of Shippou now.

There’s something very wrong here. The box should have never been in S’s house at that time to start with.

I know the rules were that MY family, as priests side, do not intervene in the box management on your side. We drew the line that our job was to deal with the box when it’s brought to us, and keep the record, and that’s it.

But I am making an exception here. With the situation being this bad, with you not keeping things right, we must intervene.

My father wanted to talk to you himself, Mr. J. But since I was the one initially involved in this. I’m going to take charge

There was a dead silence among all of us. No one had any idea what M was talking about to J.




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