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Kotoribako-Part 2

The investigation starts…

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I drove S, M and K back to each of their homes that night. I heard M took day-off from work for 8 days after that day.

I finally got to see M yesterday for the first time since the incident. I threw him some questions about what happened.

(M) “Ummmmm, How can I put it. The area that S-chan’s family is from, is umm, for the lack of better word, it’s a Buraku***”(***>>> Buraku is an outcast group at the bottom of the traditional Japanese social order that has historically been the victim of severe discrimination and ostracism. They served occupations considered impure or tainted by death (such as executioners, undertakers, workers in slaughterhouses, butchers, or tanners), which have severe social stigmas of kegare (穢れ or “defilement”) attached to them. Traditionally, the Burakumin lived in their own communities. More details on Wikipedia )

“ The thing you saw the other day… I mean, the places like that, you know, tend to have stuff like that. Sometimes.  ”

“ Don’t worry. I took care of that thing, after my dad came home. We left it in a safe place”

“ Trust me.. you don’t want to know too much about these things”

M seemed to be rather uncomfortable with the subject and I couldn’t get him to spit much more details on that day, except somewhat abrupt explanations he continued as below

(M) “The thing inside the box…is a pure grudge”

“I mean physically, the box has a lot of human index fingertips and Umbilical cords inside”

“I mean, I guess what I can say is that discrimination must stop. Human grudges. God. it horrible. It’s the scariest thing. Grudge is what drives people to make something like that box.”

“My grandfather used to take care of the boxes like that”

“I thought all existing boxes were cleared out by him.”

“I never thought I’d have to deal with the box in my life”

“I never took my priest training that seriously before”

“So I was really unprepared that day.And I panicked.”

And I guess I gotta learn these things from now”

“People tell me I don’t have much gift. But I have no choice”

“Today I told you that S-chan’s family was from Buraku.

But you must promise me you won’t change your attitude to S-chan. “

“Do not discriminate OK”

“I mean we are no longer living in those times. It’s ridiculous”


I said to M,  “Of course not”


I asked M if I could share this story to others online.  M approved by saying

(M)“It’s not like you get cursed by talking about it.”

“I don’t think anybody will believe it though.

You’d get called a liar. And if anyone asks, I’d act like I know nothing”

919 小箱 7 2005/06/06(月) 13:09:18 ID:lJdBivui0

So this was my experience. Thanks for sticking till the end.

By the way, I found a similar box story to mine on a blog. A wooden box which contains human finger-nails, hair, and a piece of paper that mentions something about Showa Emperor. I wonder if this is a common way of making a curse, using box and human parts?

Anyways, I’m exhausted from typing this story the whole morning.

>>915, No this is not in Yamaguchi prefecture. But you are close! lol

It’s the area that calls October (Kanna-zuki) , Kamiari-zuki.

42 :小箱 912 :sage :2005/06/06(月) 22:10:54 (p)ID:lJdBivui0(8)

I’m back. And WOW. My story has its own thread now? This is getting out of hand lol

For those of you asking where I’m from, I know you guys are curious and I appreciate your interest but I don’t want to reveal the exact location of this story.

I live in a pretty small town in a rural area. This story involves an extremely sensitive subject. It’s the history of violent discrimination toward specific groups of people in Japan, whose descendants still very much live among us today and are aware of those issues, some even still facing the painful discrimination to this day.

I don’t want to offend any locals in the area by giving out my location, getting some curious visitors out here and let them go digging around in unwanted manner.

And I am afraid if some of those people who learnt about the way they were discriminated would eventually become yet another one to join the discrimination.

Some say that discrimination has reduced a lot since the old times. I personally think that it’s just being done in the less noticeable ways, but never been less.

That being said, I will only reveal the name of prefecture. As some of you have already guessed, I live in Shimane-prefecture. I guess it was pretty obvious from the hint that I gave earlier.

I’m telling you my prefecture name for a research purpose. I have a hope that people here might know something to help me understand the box better.

43 :小箱 912 :sage :2005/06/06(月) 22:35:54 (p)ID:lJdBivui0(8)

So this thread has been getting way more attention than I thought. And I started to get a little concerned about the fact that I told my prefecture name.So I called up M and S to tell them what I did.

M was pretty laid back saying “There’s no way for anyone to find out anything about the box,  even if someone figured out where we are. Relax.”

I also asked M what I forgot to ask yesterday.

Q1. You only purified S but are K and I safe ?

Q2. S said her family were playing around with the box before she brought it over to my house. Are they going to be OK??

Q3. Please. Just please tell me what it was. I’m losing my sleep over it.

This is what M told me

Q1 & Q2  The box only works on  1) Children and 2) women of child-bearing age. S is the only one in her family that fits the description. I (A) should be fine as a guy. As for K, “well she only  briefly touched the box so I’d assume she’s unharmed. If not, my father could take care of her. “ was M’s answer

Q3 So M does not know too much detail about it too. But he told me that Kotoribako, literally means Child-stealing box.

***I have some doubts about this. I feel like he knows more.

What is it about this box that makes M go to that length to lie and hide the truth from me?

44 :小箱 912 :sage :2005/06/06(月) 22:36:18 (p)ID:lJdBivui0(8)

The second person I called was S. She told me something happened when her shed was getting demolished.It was 2 days after the box incident at my house. The contractors were over at S’s house setting up equipment to demolish the shed when their next-door neighbor (we’ll call him J) furiously came over to her house and started arguing that they must stop the demolishing.

S inevitably sensed J’s protest had to do with the box.

S insisted that we meet up again to discuss about the box.

She wanted to know the truth of the box. I couldn’t agree more.

M was hesitant to our request at first but eventually agreed to meet and discuss the box again.

So tomorrow, I’m going to meet up with M, K, and S.

Hopefully I will find out more about the box.

I am sort of hoping M’s father could join too since he seems to know more, but the chances of me being able to invite him are slim when M is hesitant to show up himself.

As for me, at this point I am determined to find the whole truth about this box.

This thread and you guys are helping me keep going with my investigation.

Though if any one of M, S, or K ever wants me to stop posting about it, I gotta stop updating you guys. Out of respect for my friends.

I’ve been pushing this through with my curiosity, but I’d be lying if said I don’t feel the slightest guilt for putting my friends out there. Hope you’d understand.

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