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    Kotoribako – Part 6

    Back to Kotoribako Part6 325 :小箱 ◆/7qG64DDfc :sage :2005/06/08(水) 22:13:00 (p)ID:0GDcLRRy0(43) (M) “Now, let’s talk about the effect of the box.  The box brings slow, excruciatingly painful deaths to young women and children who stay around the box. They don’t [...]
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    Kotoribako – Part 3

    308 :小箱 ◆/7qG64DDfc :sage :2005/06/08(水) 22:05:48 (p)ID:0GDcLRRy0(43) GUYS, here is an update from yesterday’s discussion! Let me warn you it’s sickeningly long. After everything unfolded, we were on the fence about posting about it. The subject matter turned out to [...]