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I’m scared of the mailbox – Part 2

It always has something strange happend at the mailbox


Back again with I’m scared of the mailbox ….

The next day, I was on my way to work when I noticed the mail basket. I was so scared she might have been in the room last night, I had forgotten about the hair in the basket. I opened the basket and reached my hand inside to grab the hair… Instead my hand grabbed something wet.

When I looked at it, I felt vomit coming up my throat and I immediately shook it off my hand. It was something that looked like minced meat mixed with dead cockroaches. It fell and made spatter on the floor. She did not show up last night. But I guess she was here the night before when I stayed at my colleague’s.

God… what the hell is this…? Is it tuna can…? Gross…

When I was cleaning the floor and the mailbox, someone kicked my entrance door really hard.

I stopped by the police on my way to work and reported what had happened. I was feeling my safety was in danger. The police’s response was nothing like I had expected.

This is not considered dangerous since you are a male dealing with a female. Just make sure you lock your doors. If anything happened again, you can come to us anytime.

I seriously hate the Japanese police.

At midnight, I heard the mailbox opening again, followed by the sound of something light and hard falling into the basket. My body got tense. “God..What now?” I thought.

I gathered up my strength and sneaked at the door.  Something was being poured through the mail slot into the basket. I looked closely and saw what it was. Pills. Tons of pills filling up the mail basket. Soon the basket was full and the pills started pouring out.

I switched on the monitor. Since she already knew what I looked like, I might as well see what she looked like.

This time, the monitor showed a person.

It was a screen full of face, with mouth wide open and sticking out her tongue.

She placed a handful of pills on her tongue, put them back inside her mouth, moved them around her mouth like she’s eating a lollipop, stuck out her tongue again, then picked up the pills and toss it inside the mail slot.

She was repeating that endlessly.  When she bent down in front of the camera to put the pills in the slot, I could see many balding spots on her head. And her hair was cut in different lengths.

My heart was pounding so fast. My hands were sweaty.  “What the hell? Stop it. Just stop it. Please…!!“  I started chanting Buddist sutra in my mind.

After she was done with the pills, she pressed her face towards the camera with her eyes looking right into the camera. Then she slowly started tilting her head left to right with her eyes still staring into the camera. I felt like she was trying to look into my eyes.

What is wrong with this woman?
What did I do to her? Why me???

I had never seen this person in my life before. And as far as I’m aware of, I’d never done anything to make any girl have grudge over me. I didn’t understand why she was doing this to me.

Next day, she showed up again. The doorbell rang at 3AM.


Excuse me, I kept your package while you were away.


She was trying to disguise herself with a large cap covering most of her head and face. She was trying to sound like my neighbor receiving a package for me while I was away. But I could still see the balding spots and random haircut beneath the cap.

(What kind of neighbor brings the package at 3AM, anyway?)

I did not respond.

Then she said “This is your package. I will leave it here.

She lifted up something to the camera.

A tiny kitten.

A kitten..…?

Why is she trying to give me a kitten…?

I stood there confused.

She roughly grabbed the body of the kitten with one hand, and its head with another.

Then she pushed the kitten on the camera so hard as if she was trying to crash it. The kitten made no noise or movement. I wasn’t sure if it was alive from the start.

The next morning, I found the bunged up corpse of the poor kitten in front of my door. I mean, I think it was the kitten. I couldn’t tell from the condition of its remains.

This really fucked up my feelings. I started crying. I didn’t know whether the woman had found a dead kitten, or she had killed one for this. There were dead cockroaches, and now a dead kitten. What could be next….?

That day, I couldn’t focus on work at all. I couldn’t take it anymore. It had gone way too far. If it kept happening, I was sure I’d go insane. I went to the police again after work. But man, they were shitty! They didn’t take me seriously, AGAIN.

Would someone need to be murdered for the police to start taking things seriously?

When I arrived home, I saw red paint on my front door.  There was a big circle, and my full name painted inside the circle. If you know Japanese name stamps, that’s what it looked like.

So she knows my name. Great, it just keeps getting worse…

I looked around and checked no one was around me. Then I quickly opened the door to get inside my room and locked the door.

Something was off about my room.

I looked down into the mail basket. There were …. cat legs. Tens of them.

I called the police.

The police who came to my room looked at the situation and said  “This is extreme…

We will send patrol around your condo tonight.

Finally the police was on my side.

That night, nothing happened at the front door.

But a dead cat was thrown into my balcony while I was asleep.

The next day was a weekend. I went to a real estate agency to look for a new place.

There was no way I could stay in this condo any longer.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any “ready for move in” place that day, but I told the agent to let me know as soon as one came up.

The next few days were oddly quiet and uneventful.

I thought maybe she got bored. I hoped she was bored.

But of course, she wasn’t.

When I came home from work, I held the doorknob to open the front door and felt something was different. I looked closely at the doorknob. There was one string of long hair wrapped around the doorknob and tied in a bow.

A shiver ran up my spine. I thought I had to get inside the door. Inside, she wouldn’t be able to harm me directly. I tried opening the door. But it wouldn’t open.

I didn’t understand. I had already unlocked the key. I tried to open it again. It wouldn’t open. The door seemed locked.

I inserted the key in the keyhole and turned it again. Click. It opened.


I had done this once already. So that means… the door was open first?

I was 100% sure I had locked the door before I left for work. So this meant that know who.. had opened my door while I was gone. I looked at the door. I knew a better option was to not open the door and walked away, but I did.

I heard water dripping somewhere inside.

I turned on the hallway lights. I didn’t see her in the hallway. I held my phone in my hand and walked through the hallway to the kitchen/living room area. There was a takeaway box on a dining table.

It looked like grilled beef and rice from a convenience store. Cockroaches were crawling around the box, going in and out of the gap of the closed lid. There were hair sticking out of the gap of the lid as well. I wasn’t sure if it was her hair or the roaches tentacles.

The food wasn’t all. I noticed my fridge door had been left open. Last time I checked, my fridge only had liquor in it. This time, I saw 3 plastic bottles at the bottle holder. The label said Volvic. Volvic is a mineral water brand. But it didn’t look like water. It was colored. Like rusty water.

I jumped out of my room and called the police in panic. The police showed up immediately.

After checking my room, the police asked me to come in. I could tell they were nervous. They took me to my bed, and opened my blanket. Between the mattress and bed sheet were tens of thousands of thumbtacks neatly placed with no space between each other, the needle side up of course, all over the bed. I would have been pierced by thousands of needles if I didn’t notice. Inside my pillow was full of thumbtacks as well.

They found a dirty female underwear hanging on my sock hanger in the balcony. On each clippers on the hanger, one string of long hair was tied up in a bow shape, just like the door.

The police told me to not stay in this room anymore as of that night. It was too dangerous for me to even spend one more night there.

Since my family lived far away, I begged my colleague to let me stay in his place until I find a new apartment.

From that point on, I returned to the condo only a few times; to get my clothes and to pack my stuff for moving.  I hired a moving agency to do the packing, since I was too afraid of being there and packing by myself. While the agents were packing, they found lots of papers with my name on it. They were hidden under the bed, behind the shelf, behind the TV monitor, and other places.


The paper was old and tanned by the sun. On the paper, the following was written in red letters,

(My name), Like, Love, Desire, Insanity, Death, happiness, (female name)

I think the female name at the end was that crazy woman’s name.

The police informed me later that inside the volvic bottles were blood from 2 different persons mixed with water. But they never found out who the woman was.

This is all my experience.

It’s been 2 weeks since I moved to a new place. I don’t know who she was. I don’t know why she did it to me. But I hope she doesn’t find me ever again.




End of Story

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