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Dolphin Ring

The power of obsession


This story happened when dolphin ring were popular.

My name is Mika…

This story took place when I was a kid, when dolphin rings were popular.

A dolphin ring is a type of ring which looks like a dolphin is wrapped around your finger.

At the time, I was either on my first or second grade, and I had no friends at school.

My big sister (who was 10 years older than me) was going through a rebellious, bad-kid stage back then. During summer break, she would bring her equally delinquent friends over to our house and hang out till late night almost everyday, making my parents quite upset.


Among her group of friends, there was a boy named Akio, who obviously hated me.  Every time I went near my sister’s room, he would yell mean things at me like

Fucking brat! Stay away from us!

He made sure to scare me away from my sisters room at all times, when it was MY house that he was hanging around and sometimes sleeping over at.  Even when I ran into my sisters’ group outside the house, he would say things to scare me off like “What are you looking at? Huh?”.  Honestly, I hated him too. He was so mean to me for no reason.


Every time Akio was mean to me though, my sisters’ other friends would comfort me. They invited me in the room and gave me snacks. A girl named Hana was especially sweet to me. I loved Hana. She brought me little gifts almost every time she was over at my house: candies, fireworks, etc. She protected me from mean Akio. And unlike Akio, when I ran into them outside, she was usually the first one to notice me and say hi to me with a big smile. Since I had no friends of my own age, she often played with me like she was my friend.

She would often say to me

I wish you were my sister.

It was the end of this summer break that, out of nowhere, Akio showed up in my room and gave me a little box with a cute pink wrapping. He didn’t even stop at my sister’s room that day and came straight to my room. He threw me the box and said “Take this”, without any other explanation.

There was a dolphin ring inside the box.

It was so random and unexpected. It wasn’t my birthday or anything.

On top of that, I thought he hated me. I didn’t understand what the present meant. But I took it as a peace offering. I was honestly really happy. I thought finally, the unreasonable hostility from him was over. He was willing to be friendly to me.

I went to sleep with the ring in my hand that night.

The ring was too big for even my thumb, so I held it in my hand.

Around midnight, I woke up to a strange heat sensation in my hand.

The ring was turning so hot in my hand.

I thought the ring was broken and immediately started crying very loudly.

But nobody came to check on me.

My mother was sleeping next to me. But she was gone.

I started to feel something was wrong.

I went down to the living room downstairs where the lights were on. I found my parents standing there with their faces looking so pale. They said to me “Your sister was in an accident…

They explained to me that my sister had gone motorbike riding with her friends in a mountain area. On their way back, their bikes caused a major pileup and all of them were involved. The hospital couldn’t explain all the details of my sister’s condition over the phone. But it was clear that she was hurt.

However, my parents did not seem to be leaving the living room.

I was in a panic. I was crying. “Let’s go to the hospital. She might be dying!!

But my parents wouldn’t move.

I told them: “Fine. If you guys aren’t going, I will go by myself!

I grabbed my jacket and started walking towards the entrance. Then my father literally threw himself in my way to stop me. His body slid on the floor towards the entrance door like a rugby player.

My mother held my arm with both her arms like she was trying to lock my arm, and said “Let’s go back to the room, can we? Please?”. This is when I noticed the terror on her face. She was very scared.

What is this? What’s going on?.” I thought.

My brain started working hard to process this situation. My panic started to wear off and I started to see the environment more clearly. I noticed my parents had already changed into normal clothing from their pajamas.  “If they have been dressed already, why wouldn’t they leave…?” Just when this thought occurred to me, the doorbell rang.

Hana was at the door,

Mika, I came to get you! Let’s go to your sister

I said to my parents,  “Hey, It’s Hana. Let’s go with her.

My parents didn’t say anything. They just looked at me with pale faces. Their bodies were  slightly shaking. My mother held me so tightly in her arms. My father started murmuring something. I thought my parents had gone nuts. I started calling out Hana’s name.

Hana! I’m here! I’m scared! My sister is dying and my parents are crazy!! Hana! Help me!

But Hana just kept saying the same lines outside the entrance door

Mika, come to your big sister

She sounded…extremely calm under the circumstance. Or I could say she even sounded a bit, joyful.

Mika, come to your sister

Hana! Help me, I’m scared!

I don’t know how long this went on before the dolphin ring started releasing heat again in my hand. I tried to take the ring out of my hand, but at that very moment my hand got paralyzed. My fist was gripped so tight against my will.


Then I started choking. I couldn’t let my voice out.

I tried to scream, but only air came out.

My mother noticed me moving my mouth with no sound coming out.

She looked at me shocked. Then she held me even tighter in her arms.

Hana was still calling me to come out.


My throat started releasing a hoarse voice that wasn’t mine.

Then words came out of my mouth against my will.


You are not my big sister! My big sister’s name is XXXXXX(my sister’s full name)!!!

I know what you did! The reason I had no friends is because YOU bullied my friends and told them to stay away from me!!


All the candies you gave me, you stole them from the candy shop! You are disgusting!!!


I hate you with my guts! You aren’t my sister! Get lost! Never come to my house again!

All my family is still here! Don’t you dare try to take me to your side!!

In reality, I was using the heavy local dialect and those “thug” words that I had never used. They weren’t my words. It wasn’t my voice.

I had no idea what I was saying either. I had no idea that Hana bullied my friends. I had no idea she had given me stolen candies.

Then I passed out.

When I woke up, it was the next morning. My parents were next to me. My mother’s eyes were red and puffy like she had been criying. And my father was visibly exhausted.

The hospital called” they said. “Your sister only fractured her leg. She’ll be fine. Let’s go see her in the afternoon.

Then they said “You must thank Akio. Keep this ring with you for the rest of your life.


We later found out that Hana had passed away in the accident. She was dead on the scene.

When my parents got a call from the hospital late at night and tried to leave the house, they saw Hana standing over the entrance door (Our entrance door was partially glass and you could see who was standing behind). My parents were confused. They knew Hana had left with my sister, and from what they heard about the size of the accident, there was no way she could be uninjured and standing at the front door of our house at that time. My parents couldn’t bring themselves to open the door to her. Hana kept telling them “I came to get Mika. Please open the door”. My parents didn’t know what to do. That’s why when I woke up and found them in the living room, they were just standing there, shaking in fear.

Akio was also involved in the accident. He was in a medically induced coma due to a critical condition for a while. But fortunately, he survived and went on recovery.

When he regained consciousness, my family and I went to see him.

Akio told us that Hana had been very obsessed with me.

He heard Hana making comments like; “Mika is like a little sister to me

I want Mika to be my little sister

She is my little sister. I don’t want her to be close to other people
I want to stay with her

He saw Hana giving me candies and snacks she stole from the candy shop.


He was concerned that I seemed to like Hana a lot.

He wanted me to stay away from her, but he didn’t know how.

So he tried to scare me off.

The dolphin ring was indeed his peace offering. He said he picked it because it was trending, and he thought it might help me make friends.
It is a regular ring. I don’t know how it started releasing the heat, or taking over my speech and spoke what only Akio had known.


15 years have passed since this event.

Every summer holiday, I’ve been forced to wait until the end of Obon period (the period when the dead were believed to return/Japanese halloween) to visit my family. My sister and my parents tell me it’s because Hana hasn’t given up on me yet.

There are times the ring suddenly starts to get burning hot in the summer. Some strange things have happened at those times, too.

Luckily, I’ve never seen Hana after the first night. But according to my sister, Hana still appears at the door every year during Obon. The appearance of her spirit has changed over the years. A few years ago, it looked like a big dog.

We have tried exorcism multiple times. But they couldn’t prevent Hana from returning to my house during Obon.

My family had thought about moving. But for some reason, they didn’t.

My parents moved me instead. They sent me to live with my uncle’s family ever since I graduated from elementary school.

You might be thinking this story is made up, but,  I’m afraid it’s a real story.




End of Story

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