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The Cursed Doll Hakomawashi Part 4

The last warning and The change of my life


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Sue looked at me and said

“You ate fish and meat, didn’t you?”

I only realized at that time that I had been told not to.

Oh.. I forgot about that. Sorry. I did


Sue rolled her eyes and sighed.

I banned those food and asked you to drink lots of Sake. It was to protect you from the evil things. When you make a doll with human body parts, like hair or blood, it almost always calls something evil.

It made so much sense to me when I thought about my vomiting, strangling, and nightmares. Of course, it’s the evil things. It can’t be the stress. But strangely, until Sue said it to me, It had never occurred to me that it had to do with the curse.

I believed my nightmares were caused by my traumatic experience. I told Sue about my nightmares and vomiting.

Sue said “You must strictly follow what I say from now.  If hospital serves you fish or meat, after you eat them, pick a pinch of salt with your fingers, hold it to your throat and stroke it down until your chest every time. Drinking Sake would be hard in the hospital. So instead, drink as much water as you can. Something with detoxing effect is even better, like green tea or coffee, that makes you pee a lot. Try to detox your body.

Now, can you get up on your bed?

I was still connected to IV drips but I managed to get up.

Sue reached for my head, and picked something from between my hair.

It was part of the red wool, chopped and tangled.

Sue said “Now listen to me, from now on, you must completely stop thinking about her. And you must stop yourself from having emotions like grudge, hatred.

And I didn’t want to tell you this because it might make it harder for you to forget about her.

The real trouble is the red scarf

From now on, no matter where you go, this red thread will be watching you. And everytime you feel hatred towards her, you will have the same dream where she strangles you with the red scarf.

I don’t think she even intended to put curse in this scarf. But this is hand-made, made with  love for you, hate for you and grudge for you. This scarf is worse than the box.”

I felt cold sweat falling down my back.

Sue continued “If you have any other things in your room from any of your ex girlfriend, get rid of them. Hand-made or not.

Any gifts have the senders’ feelings attached. Now the red scarf can enhance those feelings in those stuff too.

After I was discharged from the hospital, I threw away everything I got from my exes. In the mug cup, inside the cushion and stuffed toys,I found red fiber just like Sue said. I felt so scared I deep cleaned my entire room from corner to corner.

The thought of my ex struck with my head for a long time. And I still have the dream that she strangles me.

About 3 months ago, I went into depression due to lack of sleep. The doctor prescribed me stabilizing pills. Every time I feel the grudge toward my ex growing inside me, I take it and make myself fall asleep.

I am now afraid of women. My last girlfriend broke up with me after I shared to her what had happened and how it changed the way I feel towards women. She thought I was ridiculous.

I’m still in touch with Sue. I call her sometimes when I get the dream. She would bring me sacred Sake to help me.

Sue told me the evil things in the doll had gone to somebody else when I was still at the hospital, someone weaker than me, and therefore easier for it to harm.

I’ve been vegetarian. I haven’t been able to bring myself to eat meat or fish ever since my hospitalization. Though now I am allowed to eat meat or fish like normal.

So far, I haven’t gotten the new magic box from my ex. (Thank god)

But a mutual friend told me that lately my ex had been acting strange and creepy, and that her friends started to feel scared around her.

I guess I just want everyone who read my story to know, from my own experience, that you better be careful with gifts from your girlfriend/boyfriend.




End of Story

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