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The Cursed Doll Hakomawashi Part 3

Story from Sue…


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Sue asked me

“Do you know anyone from Y town, in the Buraku called △?”

I thought for a moment, and remembered that one of my ex-girlfriends was from there. I briefly dated her 2 years ago.  She was cute, but also extremely jealous and controlling. I got sick of her after a few months and broke up.

After the breakup, she was calling me nonstop for a while. But I hadn’t gotten any calls after that. I thought she had given up and moved on.

Sue said it was probably her who had sent me the doll.

I felt anger boiling down in my stomach.

How dare she? I’m going to call her and confront her about this.

Sue responded to me in a serious tone

Don’t ever involve with her again. Not even once.  If you get a phone call from her again, do not pick up.

You cannot talk to her under any circumstances. If you run into her outside, do not look at her or even recognize her. Just ignore her.

There is a high chance that you will receive something like this from her again. And the more she gains knowledge about this black magic, the stronger it will get.

If you did receive it again, try to distract yourself from it and try not to think of her. Think as little about her as possible.

If you don’t follow my instructions, it will be too much for me to handle. Next time, may not be able to save you.

Sue then explained about the black magic. The straw doll was just a front to make it look scary. But the actual magic was in the box.

In Y town, there is an old practice called “Hakomawashi”. The original purpose of it was to pray for the rich harvest for the year. The farmers would place a crop inside a small box and bury it in the farm or rice field. Hakomawashi was nothing more than an innocent prayer by farmers, but unfortunately, if you could use it for good cause, you could use it for bad ones too.

Practices like this can easily be a blackmagic, too. Inside the box is a symbol of your wish, (e.g.woodstick for a strong house, rice for abundant rice harvest, etc) and the place you bury it is where you want  the magic to take effect (e.g. Bury the wood stick in the land where your house will be built on)

In most areas of Y town, the Hakomawashi practice had died down a long time ago. However, the people of △ Buraku are known to continue to practice it to this day.

The period blood, hair, and the painted nails were symbols of sex and jealousy.

This blackmagic can be very powerful and dangerous. But this time, it wasn’t done in the proper manner. Instead of burying the box, it was sent to me. It seemed like she didn’t have the right instructions. So the curse wasn’t powerful. But if she did learn the correct ways, make a new one and send it to me, something bad couldl happen to me.

This magic only works if you have a relationship with the symbol. (House and the house owner,  farm and the farmer, etc)

In order for the magic to not have an effect on me, I must NOT think about her. I must forget her.

Sue said she will bury the box and its contents at △ buraku.

Before she left, she gave me salt wrapped in a paper and told me to spread it in my room at night.

At night, after spreading the salt in my room, I couldn’t stop my thinking.

The more time passed, the more unreal everything seemed. I started to make light of Sue’s warning…

I thought about my ex-girlfriend. I felt angry at her. I wondered what she’s up to now. I ate meat and fish. And I went to bed, still thinking about the same thing.

That night I had a dream about the ex girlfriend. It was valentines’ day and I was walking in the snow to see her. She popped up behind me and strangled me with red scarf.

I was suffocated. I felt nauseous. I tried to push her away, but the snow on the ground was getting so high and I got buried in it. I struggled in the snow. And just before I thought I’d pass out, I woke up.

I had thrown up on my bed. I was choking on my own vomit and coughing hard. I got up and touched my neck. There were no marks on my neck. But the strangle feeling was so real.

The same dream continued every day for a week.

Then one day, I woke up in the hospital.

My parents had heard a loud noise like something hard knocking on the floor from my room. They had come to check my room and found me suffocating with my own vomit.

My parents had contacted my friends on my phone and let them know that I was in the hospital.

Some of my close friends came to visit me in the hospital.

To my surprise, Sue showed up at my hospital room.

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