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The Cursed Doll Hakomawashi Part 2

The things inside the doll


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We arrived at my house and Sue took off her big jacket.

Under the jacket, she was wearing a kimono with a strange pattern, something like eyes and vortex. I had never seen anything like that on kimono before.

I took Sue to my room where I left the scarf and the doll. The knocking noise was gone.

Inside the room, the air felt oddly warm again. The nail-covered straw doll was still under my desk.  Sue stood in front of my desk and picked up the doll. Then she took out what looks like a piece of Japanese paper, and put the doll on it.

I said, “Oh…and there’s a scarf too..” I tried to point at the scarf that I had dropped on the floor before.

But I couldn’t find it. It was nowhere in the room.

Sue said “ The scarf can be dealt with later. Can you bring me water?

I went to the kitchen and filled the water in a kettle. When I returned to the room, Sue was sitting in front of my desk, staring at the doll. I was expecting some rituals like reciting Buddhist sutras, but all she was doing was staring at it.

Around 10 minutes had passed, and Sue released a big sigh.

I said “Um.. I brought water.

Sue said “ Give me”.  She took out a small bottle from her bag. She held my kettle in one hand and her bottle in another. She then started pouring tiny amount of water from the kettle onto the straw doll. I was looking at the straw doll and I noticed the stomach area of the doll was swelling up.Sue was aiming at the swelling area with the kettle’s water.

Sue took out a woodstick with some carving on it. She opened her bottle (it was filled with liquid), poured the liquid out and let it flow on the woodstick and fall onto the doll.

Next, Sue used her hand and started to pull out the nails from the straw one by one. The last nail wouldn’t come off. Sue asked me to try, I couldn’t pull it out either. It seemed like the last one was stuck into something hard.

Sue cut opened the doll’s stomach with boxcutter. The last one was nailed into a small wooden box. The box was about 5cm big. And this is the first scary part that made my blood run cold, it was wrapped with long human hair.

Sue was now trying to cut the hair to open the box.

I said “Is it OK to do that…?

She said in a light tone, “It’s fine

When she managed to cut up most of the hair and opened the box, there was a disgusting smell.

Sue used chopsticks to pick up what’s inside the box. It was a tissue paper with something dark and dry stuck on it.  It smelt foul, like something rotten.

Sue said “ I wish I didn’t have to tell you this, but I believe this is period blood

In addition to that, there were painted fingernails, and more human hair covered in dry period blood in the box. The smell was horrible that I felt like I was going to throw up.

Sue put all the contents of the box in her bottle and closed the box.

She finally said to me with a smile,

OK. It’s taken care of now. I think everything is fine now. From today, don’t eat meat or fish for at least a week, and if possible, drink as much Sake as you can.

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