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The Cursed Doll Hakomawashi Part 1


The Cursed Doll Hakomawashi

About half a year ago, I had a really scary experience…

It wasn’t ghost related, but to me, it was scarier than some of the ghost stories.

Before I tell you guys my story, I have to mention this friend who played a huge role in this.


Back in middle school, there was a psychic girl in my classroom.

Let’s call her Sue.

According to Sue, her family ran a shrine or something like that and she had a gift.

But her house looked nothing like a shrine, and frankly, my friends and I didn’t believe in anything spiritual.

The kids (including me) would call her a liar and bullied her back then.

But what I didn’t tell my friends was that I was a bit scared of Sue as well. There were times I would challenge her asking things like,

See my guardians. Who are they?

Guess what’s on my mind. Can you?

Sue came back with something that sounded credible about my guardian angels, and she guessed exactly what’s on my mind at that time.

After middle school, we went separate ways. I heard a rumor that she didn’t go to high school. As for me, high school life was treating me well and I had completely forgotten about her…until this event happened.

Back to my story, in high school, I started going out with girls. A lot of girls.  I do regret it now, but I was a big player. I broke a lot of hearts; Cheating, Two-timing, changing girlfriends like changing clothes. I was heartless when I broke up with them. I was cold to them once I didn’t want them anymore. I didn’t care if my behaviors would cause them to have grudges on me or not.

Then one day, I received a small package by mail. Inside the box was a hand-woven red scarf.

Silly me thought it was a gift from a girl who had a crush on me. I took it to my room with a smile on my face.

When I closed the door, I felt a warm air touched my cheeks…

I took the scarf out of the box. Something big fell off from it.

It took me a while to notice what it was. It was covered with so many rusty nails screwed into it that at first it looked like a strange ball. I looked closely and noticed it was a straw doll with a body size of man’s arm.

I felt goosebumps. I kicked the doll away in panic. It flew across the floor and slid under my desk. I never expected something like this could have happened to me. I was such a coward about these kinds of things. My heart was pounding and I didn’t know what to do.

I called my friends and told them what had happened. But everyone thought I was making it up and they just laughed off.

Then out of nowhere, I remembered Sue. Thinking she might be able to tell me what to do, I pulled out my middle school yearbook and found her house number.

Sue answered the phone.

I was in such a panic I forgot to mention my name. My explanation wasn’t making sense. I said

A straw doll was delivered to my house… and the red scarf..

Sue said “ You are xxx (my family name), right? Is it OK if I go over there today?

I said “yes!

I was honestly so relieved that Sue was coming to my house. I was alone at the time and my parents weren’t going to be home until late at night. Sue said she would come over around 3pm but she wasn’t sure where my house was. We decided to meet at the gas station near my house.

After hanging up the phone with Sue, I moved to the living room and waited for the time to pass.  I just couldn’t stay in my room anymore.

While I was in the living room, I started hearing strange noises coming from the ceiling.  Above the living room was my room. It sounded like footsteps with high heels. The hair on my body stood up. I looked at the clock, it wasn’t 3pm yet… I decided that I needed to distract myself. I turned on the TV.  But the noise seemed to be getting louder. Soon it sounded like someone knocking something on the floor really hard.

The noise was so loud that I started thinking if I should go and check my room. But I was so afraid that I couldn’t gather up the courage to go.

What if something happened to me when I check? But could my neighbors hear this noise? Are they going to complain?….

While I kept hesitating, 3PM was approaching. I stopped my inner discussion and headed to the nearby gas station to meet up with Sue.

Walking towards the gas station calmed me down a little. I started wondering who on earth would send me something like this. This was a terrible joke. I started feeling angry.

Sue showed up at the gas station a few minutes before 3pm.  I hadn’t seen her since middle school, but I was surprised that she had grown into a stunning girl with sharp, beautiful eyes. She wore an oversized winter-jacket which seemed a little too early for the season. (It was only autumn) Under the jacket, she wore a kimono style outfit.

On the way to my house, I told Sue about the doll and the noise. Sue didn’t say much, except quietly listening and nodding to my explanation. I was subconsciously hoping that Sue would give me all the answers I needed to hear to feel safe, and to end my fear,

but her attitude only made me feel more scared…

What do you think?

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