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The Curse of Kamome Part 3

The Consequence

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The manager continued…

The owner of the hotel was met with a lot of misfortunes after cleansing Kamome.

His business no longer went well. In the end, he had to let go of this Onsen and leave the village.

The next owner renovated the Onsen including the room previously used as Kamome’s rape room. The room was re-opened as a guest room.

By this time, it was considered that grudge was long gone.

However, the guests who stayed in the room started to see a woman in the closet, with red eyes and no tooth.


The new owner called the monk, the same one who previously visited the village.

As soon as the monk stepped inside the room, his face froze. He told the owner


Monk: “Check the grave immediately


They dug the grave up and checked the basket. The crystals were missing.

The previous owner had stolen the crystals when he sold the Onsen and left the town.

The new owner panicked.


New owner: “What should I do!?  Nobody knows where the previous owner went. 

I can’t afford crystals like that…


The monk said
Calm down. It seems like most of these women’s spirits had gone to heaven. Except for one… the one who not only lost eyes but had her teeth pulled out.. Her grudge still remains here just a little bit…

But the grudge is not so strong now. It is harmless as long as we don’t do anything to anger it.


New owner: “So what should I do? We cannot send her to heaven?

Monk: “Not right now. Not soon. I brought this just in case something like this had happened.


He took out two glass balls the same size of eyeballs, placed them in the basket and buried it in the grave.  They went back to the room and the monk continued.


Monk: “The woman in this room… the crystals helped her feel better for the most part. But she is still stuck with the feeling of grudge and sorrow. Given the treatment she received, it is no surprise though.


Monk: “But, if you want to use this room for your guests, you can. under some conditions.

The new owner was shocked

New owner: “Are you serious? I can let customers stay in this room? This HAUNTED room?


The monk said quietly

Monk: “You must follow the specific rules. 

First, try to avoid a male-female pair. When there is a male/female pair in the room, the woman will remember her painful past experiences and peek from the closet. It will only peek. Nothing else. But still, it is enough to freak out the guests. Even if it’s family members, parent and child, siblings, as long as it is a pair of male and female, the woman will peek.


The new owner nodded and took notes.


The monk continued

Monk: “Second, this one is more important.

Never let people have sex in this room. It will anger the spirit.

I don’t know what it might do to the guests, but I can’t guarantee they would be safe.


The new owner’s face turned blue

New owner: “Um.. in that case.., wouldn’t it be better to keep this room locked instead? If the spirit could harm someone?


The monk shook his head

Monk: “It is up to you.

This spirit is not evil, but she is an unfortunate, pitiful one. 

The Buddha teaches us that karma brings us both fortunes and misfortunes, depending on our actions.


As long as guests don’t anger her, she can bring blessings too.

And I believe she can help women with infertility problems.


That’s how they made the rules for the guest.

The room became popular among women with reproductive issues.

But some guests still broke the rule.


I was sweating on my back.

Ryoichi: “And…what happened to the couple who broke the rule?


The cold air from AC touched my back. I started to feel shivers


The manager said

Same thing that happened to you happened to them

Manager: “Kamome gets enraged by the couple who have sex in the room. She will crush the female guest’s eyes. And according to what I heard… Kamome will crush the guest’s womb too, to make her become infertile for life…


I was lost for words.

Ryoichi: “Are you serious? I lost my consciousness in the middle but..that’s what it did to Yoko…??

I started shaking with anger and fear.


The manager continued

Manager: “I really feel pain telling you this but after the Kamome attacks a female guest..

The guest’s eyes will turn red and white, like the kamome’s eyes.

With a crushed womb.. She will feel a great deal of pain when she walks.

The way she walks will be like an extreme version of pigeon toe.”


I felt like my heart was getting squeezed.

Ryoichi: “Where is Yoko? Can we fix her?


Manager:  “Ms. Yoko is on the way to the temple, the same one from the story.

It will take 3 days from now until she loses her visions completely. During those 3 days, she won’t be herself. She is possessed by Kamome’s spirit. In that 3 days, she will look for you.


Manager: “For the next 3 days, you must hide yourself. Go back to your house. Lock yourself and never leave the house for 3 days. After the 3 days, Ms. Yoko will be completely blind and Kamome’s spirit will leave her.


Manager: “If you make it through the 3rd day, you can see Ms. Yoko again. But you should expect her to be ..insane. She will never come back to her normal self again.


According to the manager, the glass balls placed in the basket allow Kamome’s spirit to have visions for 3 days through the victims body. Had they been the original crystal balls, this would have been 1 month…


It didn’t matter for me though. I must go home right now.

And after 3 days, I will pick up Yoko, and apologize to her parents, and I will take care of her for the rest of my life…… I was thinking these things when I heard loud footsteps outside the room.

The door swung open.

Yoko’s parents were standing there.


Yoko’s mother ran towards me and punched my face hard.

The taste of iron spread in my house.

Yoko’s mother: “You…! You…! How dare you..!
My Yoko.. You made her lie… How could you …!


Her face was red, covered in tears and snivels.

Her father was giving me a piercing stare, not even bothering to stop the mother.


Her mother said “ You….! You are her boyfriend. Why didn’t you protect her?

Why are you unharmed? Why my Yoko is the only one who went through something like that?


The eye shadows and mascara smudged all around her eyes.

I could tell they had seen what happened to Yoko on their way here.


I apologized to them in tears

Ryoichi: “I am really sorry. I will not run away from this. I will make up for this for the rest of my life

Her father said to me

We will talk about this after 3 days. You must go home now


I stayed on my knees with my forehead on the floor.


Her father patted my shoulder.

Listened to me, you should go home for now.


I packed up my stuff and left the hotel. I caught the train home.


After 2 hours ride, I was back in my hometown.

Seeing the familiar view, I wished everything was just a dream.

But my phone rang to force me back to reality, it was the hotel manager.


Manager: “Hello? Is this Mr. Ryoichi? I’m the manager of XXX Onsen..

Her serious tone of voice made me nervous.


Manager: “I just got a call from the temple. Ms.Yoko had escaped from the temple.

While the monk was away, her parents untied her from the restraint and talisman. 

They are all missing.

The monk is on the way to her house now. But please be careful for 3 days. OK? Never leave your house. Don’t even speak. Kamome has very sharp hearing..


I felt dizzy like I suddenly got hit by an anemia.

The face of the woman….the unpeeling red eyes, the unfocused white eyes, the evil grin with no tooth….the mouth that looks like a cave. It all flashed back in my head.

I ran from the station to my house. And I locked myself in my room.

This is all that happened till now.


My family is worried something had happened to me. They’ve been asking me if I’m ok.

But I can’t speak. I can’t answer them for 3 days.

They want me to eat but there’s no way I can eat anything right now.

I just feel thirsty with nervousness.

There is no guarantee that I’ll be safe here for the next 3 days..

It might come out from the closet in my room.

What would happen if it possessed me?

Am I going to be like Yoko?

Would it take away my vision, turn my eyes red, and turn me insane?

Am I going insane now?


Is Yoko with her family now?

Did her family take her back to the temple?

Will Yoko come to find me?
Her mothers’ voice keeps playing in my head..

Why are you unharmed?

Why Yoko is the only one suffering?!


During the next 3 days, if Yoko, or Kamome in the form of Yoko, found me, and possessed me and killed me…

I want to ask that you don’t hold any grudge to Yoko’s family. It is all my fault.

I am the one that asked her out on a trip. I am the one that did the forbidden act.

I am writing this to tell the truth to my family and to make sure that they don’t blame her family for what happened.

If I died in the next 3 days, please use this as my will.

To my father and mother, thank you for all you’ve done for me.

My little brother Ryoji, I am sorry that I bullied you as a child.

You can have all my games and comic books.




The rest of his note was filled with the messages to his family and friends.

His brother Ryoji found this note in Ryoichi’s room recently.

Ryouchi has been admitted to a mental hospital ever since Yoko came to his house.

All the names used in this story is fake for privacy reasons.

For the prefecture, If someone is from this area, well they might have a clue where it is.




End of Story

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