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The Curse of Kamome Part 1

Yoko san

The Curse of Kamome…

My older brother has gone crazy…

He’s just been back from a 2-day trip with his girlfriend, Yoko, yestserday.

But he’s been acting weird ever since.

He has locked himself in his room, and has not even come out to eat.


For all I know, he was so excited about this trip.

It was the first trip they took together.

His girlfriend’s parents were so strict that she had to tell them that she was going with her girlfriends.


Just around lunchtime, I checked in on him through the closed door,

Me: “What’s going on Ryoichi (my brother’s name)? Did you get in a fight with Yoko san?


No answer.


Me: “Ryoichi?”


There was a long pause before my brother responded to me in a hoarse, cracking voice.


Ryoichi: “If Yoko calls this house, tell her I’m not home


Me: “So you got into a fight, huh? You shouldn’t starve yourself over it though. Come out and eat something.


Ryoichi: “….


He stopped responding to me afterwards. I called him several more times to no avail.

I eventually gave up and went back to the dining room to eat with my family.


Late afternoon, my parents were out to get some groceries and I was hanging out at home by myself (and my brother up in his room)

The landline rang.


I picked up “Hello?


Yoko: “This is Yoko.. Is Ryoichi there?


For a moment, I thought of telling her the truth.

But then I had a better thought; Her calling the house meant that my brother was still ignoring her calls on his cellphone, which meant his anger hadn’t cooled off yet, and forcing him to answer this phone would most likely end up in me getting some iron-claw from him later on…


Me: “He is out right now. I don’t know when he’ll return. Sorry

Yoko: “… I found him

Me: “What?


She hung up on me. I thought I heard her laugh before she hung up.

She was so rude to hang up on me like that, but her attitude didn’t seem normal at all. It creeped me out. I wasn’t sure I should be offended or scared.

I sat back at the TV and decided to watch some comedy shows to forget about it.


Around 10PM, the doorbell rang.

My mother answered the intercom, “Hello?


Yoko: “It’s me, Yoko..


My mother gave me the “what should I do?” look.


For someone like Yoko whose parents are extremely strict and protective of her, to come out this late and visit our house meant something serious must be up.


It seemed very impolite of my family to keep a girl (esp. my brother’s girlfriend) standing outside the door and only communicate with her via the intercom at late night.

We decided to open the door and invite her in the entrance area.


My mother spoke to her over the intercom “Hold on, I’ll go over there now

She started walking to the entrance.

I heard my brother screaming something from the second floor.


There was a sound of the doorknob clicking and the door opening.

Then, my mothers’ ear-piercing scream.

I jumped at her scream.

My father who was cleaning his ear with a earpick, also cringed his shoulders with the earpick still in his ear.


I tried to go over to the entrance to see what’s going on.

Then I noticed I couldn’t move. My whole body was paralyzed.

I tried to force my body to move. But I couldn’t even let out a voice.

I could only move my eyes. I caught my father at the corner of my sight.

It seemed like my father was also paralyzed on the spot, with an earpick still in his ear.


The door to the entrance was open.

I could hear the sound of the floor creaking.

Someone was walking towards the room.

My eyes caught the edge of the black skirt at the door.

The next thing I saw, I wasn’t sure of what I saw. It seemed like Yoko…but not quite.


I’d only met her once before.

But what was in front of me was nothing like the classy, somewhat innocent image of her that I had before.

Her long silky hair had turned into a tangled mess like she had just woken up, with a few strings hanging in front of her face like Sadako from the Ring.

She had fair skin before, but the skin of her had become dead-people pale.

And the way she walked was so strange. It was extremely pigeon toed.

She had her right arm on the wall, and left arm extended forward and fumbling in the air, like she was trying to walk in the dark, despite the light in the room was on.

I could see all of her creepy appearance and behaviors under the bright light.


She wasn’t coming into the living room that we were in, but was trying to pass in front of the door and head to the stairs.

When she was passing by the open door, she slowly turned her head to look at me.


I screamed my head out. (but only the air came out)

Her eyes.

Her eyes were red. All red.

It wasn’t red like when you cried.

It was pure, dark, matt red like her eyes were filled with blood.

And the place where her black eyes should be were white. It was covered by some white membrane layer.

It reminded me of the vampire’s eyes in some foreign, low-budget horror movies I saw as a kid, only her eyes were much more evil than that.

They were so scary I wanted to cry just by looking at them.


She squinted those evil eyes at me like she was trying to smile and said to me,

Yoko: “You didn’t have to lie to me, naughty boy.


She grinned at me. It was really offensive to look at.


Then she turned her head back to the front and went back to fumbling her way to the second floor.

When I heard my brother’s scream, I passed out.

When I woke up, it was the next morning.

My father was still unconscious at the same position he was the night before, with an earpick in his hand.

My mother was passed out at the entrance.

I woke up both of them and rushed to my brother’s room.

(To tell the truth, I was afraid she’d still be in his room, and grin at me when I saw her)


When we opened the door in his room, Yoko wasn’t there.

My brother was still there, alive, physically.

But he wasn’t the same anymore.

His eyes weren’t focused, his mouth was open and drooling everywhere, his head was tilting right and left nonstop and he was making little noise like he was laughing and crying at the same time.


Ryoichi! Ryoichi!


At the first glance, we all kind of sensed that there was no point in calling him, because he wasn’t there anymore.

But we couldn’t help.




No matter how many times we called his name, he wouldn’t come back anymore.

He was completely gone.

My mother fell down on the floor crying. My father tightened his lips and made a face like he was sad and angry at the same time.

I knew at that moment that something had happened and I lost my brother.


After that, my parents dropped him out of his university and sent him in a mental institution.

This was 6 months ago.

My brother hasn’t recovered.

As much as I hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling that he would not recover.


As for Yoko, her and her family is missing.

My father has been working with the police and the personal detective service to find their whereabouts.


What did I see that night?

Did Yoko’s parents punish her for lying to them to go on a trip with a man?

Did she look like that as the result of the punishment?

Or was there any health issues in her family that caused it?

There is no way for me to know anymore.




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