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Grandma’s Noh Mask Part : 1

Something in the room…

Mask Image by Alex Motoc on Unsplash Illustrated by The Haunted Bar

I live in an old mansion that my husband’s family built more than 50 years ago.

It comes with the typical features of an old house like a storehouse, a room with earth floor, and a well in the backyard. There’s a room that’s locked up from the outside that nobody’s been allowed to open for decades.

Well, there are at least 3 places like that that I know of, and there might be more. All these places are within the living area of my mother-in-law, so it is a bit hard for me to access anyways. (We all live in the same house but my parents in law and my family live in the seperate zones within the same house, if that makes sense.)

The first place is the door at the back of the storehouse, this one is locked by a padlock.

The second place is in the former maid’s room.(We don’t have any live-in maid right now)There is a door hidden behind a tall shelf.

The third one is the door at the back of the “Noh” stage in the house. (“Noh” is a classical Japanese theatre drama where actors wear a mask)  and yes, we have a Noh stage inside the house. My husband’s grandmother built it so she could enjoy the classical dance that was her hobby back then.


From what I observed from the outside, I’m pretty sure all these 3 places are decent size rooms of at least, 14-15 square meters. It’s been bothering me since I moved into this house after marrying my husband.

I’ve asked my husband as well as my mother-in-law dozens of times about those rooms, but they’ve told me nothing. I’m very curious and creeped out at the same time.


Thanks for the responses. I’m starting to be really scared of this house. I don’t know what I should expect. Today, I saw something in the house. And it scared the life out of me. I was opening the sliding door of one room(this is not the locked-up room, but the other room that we use regularly).

The room was really dark without a light, but I could see someone laying on the floor, like a corpse, so randomly. Mind you, there was no one else but me in the house at the time and I was sure of it. I couldn’t process what I was seeing and I froze. Then this person suddenly got up. I screamed my head off and ran as fast as I could. And this person, a male, started screaming too and chasing me.


He chased me around in my house. I was so scared I couldn’t look back and kept running. After a while, his screaming stopped. I stopped and turned my head, and he was gone. There was no sign of him. No sign of entry to the house. I checked all the locks and windows, they were all locked. I don’t know if it was human or ghost.


So..I’m definitely scared of going forward with the investigation alone. My 13yo nephew is coming over this weekend, so I might give him a little bribe to have him as a company. My mother-in-law happens to be going on a one-day trip this weekend, so it’s a good chance to check it out.


Guys, I did a little research on the locked-up rooms today. My husband finally told me what he knew, which was very little. But anyways, according to him, he knows nothing about the storehouse or the maid room, but the door at the back of Noh stage is sealed due to a Noh mask which his family believe to be cursed.

It used to be placed inside the room behind the stage, which is currently sealed. Though he doesn’t remember too many details, due to him being very young back then, he believes it caused the death of his grandmother. And he strongly told me to not go near the room.


This wasn’t enough information to convince me to stay away from the room. So I went to the maid who had worked for this house for more than 30 years. She didn’t want to tell me anything at first but in the end, she shared this story.


My husband’s grandfather had a mistress back in the day. His wife was extremely saddened by it. In order to distract herself from the pain, she threw herself into Noh dancing. She kept dancing day after day, as if she was possessed by something. But one day, she fell ill. And she passed away soon after that.

The grandfather regretted what he had done to his wife. He grieved her and spent many days looking at the Noh mask that she used to wear for her performance. During this period, his health started to deteriorate. One of his friends said that there was a sign of female trouble on his face. So he went to see a psychic.

The psychic said that he was possessed by 2 spirits, his wife and the female spirit which was originally possessing the Noh mask. The psychic did the exorcising ritual on him and told him to get rid of the mask if he wanted to live, that as long as he keeps the mask with him, it would attempt to take his life again. Grandpa donated the mask to a museum.


So the mask is not inside the room currently. But somehow, the door stopped opening. It is not locked. But it just won’t open. No one knows why.

I am honestly shocked. This has officially become a legitimate horror story and it is real. It’s happening in the house that I live in. I don’t even know how to react.

As some of you guys suggested, I guess I should do a little more research to figure out what really happened here, before deciding to go forward with this weekend’s plan. There’s one more person in my mind that I want to talk to. She is another long-time maid who retired last year. She might know more.

Guys, thanks for the responses. I appreciate your interest. I don’t know why but I couldn’t access this thread last night. Could it be something spiritual? Anyways I came to say that last night, I sneaked into the former maid’s room while my mother-in-law was taking a bath.

I peeked over the shelf that was covering the secret door. Then I smelt something really bad. It was like a.. sewer smell. (By the way, I’ve pulled a drowned body out of water before. So I know what death smells like. And I can guarantee that this wasn’t the smell of a corpse.)

Yesterday’s story about the Noh stage was so shocking that I forgot to ask the maid about the rest of the rooms. But I really want to know why all these 3 rooms are sealed. I can’t ask the same maid anymore, (She would think I’m being so weird) so I’m going to have to ask the other maid that I mentioned (the retired one). I’m still waiting for her to get back to me.

Regarding this weekend’s plan, I think I’m going to cancel. I think it’s too early to make a move. I want to know it’s safe before I go in there. I definitely will not involve my nephew in this at any level.  You know, this started as a small project out of curiosity but now I feel like this is something I have to know in order to keep my family safe. It’s just my senses. I don’t know.


The retired maid returned my call today. I said straight out that I wanted to know about the sealed rooms. The maid refused almost immediately. She was very firm on her response.

But I didn’t give up. I told her I knew about the Noh mask.

I could hear her gasping across the phone and she said

So you know about the Obi-clip too?

(Obi is a type of belt specifically designed for Kimono)

I said “I don’t know about the Obi-clip. What about it?

And she went silent. I said in a firm voice, “I will not run away. I just want to know the truth of my family. But whatever the truth is, I will not run away. I promise.”  This seemed to have changed her mind.  She said “Ok. Come see me tomorrow

Obi-clip and sealed rooms. I can’t even assume how the 2 things can be involved. But hopefully I will get all the answers tomorrow.





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